“Why did God create marijuana?”

Marijuana enthusiasts often point to Gen. 1:11 (“Let the earth bring forth grass”) and other verses (Gen. 1:29; 3:18) to justify the smoking of what they refer to as “grass.” They say that since God created the plant and declared it “good,” it should therefore be enjoyed. It is true that He created it, and that everything He made has some purpose in creation. For example, hemp (from which marijuana is made) is very useful in making strong rope. God also created sand (which is good), and if someone wants to eat sand by the spoonful, they may do so. However, they shouldn’t complain if they get a stomachache.

While God had a practical use for marijuana, man decided for some reason to burn it and kill his brain cells by inhaling its harmful fumes. Likewise, man decided to use the beautiful poppy to destroy his life with incredibly addictive heroin. Breathing in the burning fumes of anything is extremely unhealthy, and those who do so aren’t thinking very deeply. This is one reason why marijuana is called “dope.” Those who smoke “grass” will waste their days, wither their brain, and forget what they are doing.

In the jungles of Asia and South America, missionaries place tobacco leaves in their boots to stop leeches from getting into their shoes and crawling up their legs. Even leeches have the good sense to avoid tobacco. Smokers would be wiser to wrap their lips around the exhaust pipe of their car and breathe in the fumes. Both cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes are full of carcinogens, but cigarette smokers pay for their habit to the tobacco companies, and sadly they pay for their stupidity with their lives.

Psalm 102:3 For my days are consumed like smoke,
And my bones are burned like a hearth.

4 My heart is stricken and withered like grass,
So that I forget to eat my bread.

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51 Responses to “Why did God create marijuana?”

  1. Samuel says:

    GOD made a lot of things including POT, but not everything he made is good for man. GOD made mushrooms, but eat the wrong one and you’re dead and dead is a long time. Just because GOD made it doesn’t mean you have to eat it or smoke it.

    • Dron says:

      God gave man dominion over all the animals and gave every plant and herb to the service of man. a mushroom is not a plant it is a type of fungus. not only that but God made fungi to maintain levels of bacteria not for medical or recreational purposes like He did for herb. No one said you HAVE to smoke or eat it. but man has no authority to tell me what i can and cannot consume. let alone forbid me to consume it. i’m just enjoying the rights God blessed me with. May peace be with you.

    • Mary says:

      You are getting caught up in the drug use aspect of it and ignoring that God provided us a plant that can be used for many other uses. Hemp for clothes, paper, and a ton of other medicinal reasons… We are ungrateful to throw the value of the plant away based on if we disagree with one aspect of how it is being used.

    • Roger says:

      No but you have the right to do so for man can not outlaw what God has created. There is no higher law than God’s law. Everything that God created had a purpose and it is up to the individual and no one has the right to tell them that whatever or however they choose to us it that it is illegal, no more than they can tell you that you can use that timber to build your house but you can’t use that timber to build your barn. In marriage ceremonies it is said what God has created, let no man put asunder. This does not apply only to marriage but to all things that God has created.

  2. First of all, why you would bring eating sand up knowing that there is nothing stimulated by doing so. It contains nothing remotely beneficiary to the user. However, Marijuana does, it contains a chemical compound created by God often referred to as THC. I would like to ask any one of you to answer the following question. If God truly has a purpose for everything he created than why did God create the chemical compound, THC? Its sole use is to to stimulate euphoria among its users. Furthermore, there is an abundance of evidence backing the fact that it stimulates brain cell development as opposed to the complete lack of evidence backing the argument that it “kills braincells”. I would like to point out that I am a devout christian. I just think things my arguments through, rather than spewing false evidences deemed “of the devil” by uneducated christian leaders.

    • Glen says:

      CO2 makes you sleepy but would you use it for a sleep aid? Digitalis is poisonous but it does wonders for heart patients. the ingredient in antifreeze taste quite good but you wouldn’t want to drink it. God made many things He said it was good. We just need to find the good they meant for

      • Pam says:

        Most of these items are man made, not GOD made. So I’m not sure what relevance that has. Antifreeze has no benefit at all to your body, pot does. THC, which gets you high, is not the only ingredient or compound in it. CBDs or cannabinoids have been shown to inhibit cancer cell growth and treat all kinds of ailments. The CBDs counteract the THC. Besides, like someone else said, “Why would got give us pot on the earth and CBD receptors in our brains, if He didn’t want us using it”? If you are gluttoness about it then you are committing a deadly sin and possibly a commandment because you are putting something else before God. All God made drugs, in their natural forms are almost harmless. Man got his greedy hands on them and turned them into poisons. Can’t remember what book in the bible talks about sorcerers and their poisons. Could that be man made drugs???? Why doesn’t anyone that has studied the bible answer that question. Look at the side effects of treatments. If the disease doesn’t kill you, the drugs to treat it will. God gave us pot, it has very little side effects compared to modern medicine. The drug companies run our world. Your doc gets a free paid vacation if he pushes this drug company’s pills. The Hippocratic oath??? Ha ha. Most docs don’t have your health at heart, it’s lining their pocket books that’s important and drug companies do it!! Think about it, if a plant that heals all nations (Revelations 22:1-2) was legally introduced to the medical world, not all, but may pharmaceutical companies would go under. The government didn’t want people to have pot because they would get along if they had it. I mean come on, hemp would cure a lot of our economic and energy problems. God told us that things He said were good for meat, man/false prophets who make you abstain from it. So who is obeying God’s word? God said obey the authorities or laws in place, so if you are obeying the law and being responsible when using it, who’s to say it is wrong? Let God be the judge.

    • Barry says:

      TALBERT : Marijuana makes you ambitious for 15 minutes to a 1/2 hr . Then you get hungry and then tired. I was an avid smoker for many years . I quit long before coming to Christ because I actually got bored with it. It’s maybe been 20 years since I smoked it. So I am much older . But I don’t take naps like I did when I smoked pot. Have you ever experienced the Holy Spirit? I mean really experienced the euphoric feeling and overwhelming peace of the Holy Spirit. I have twice The first time lasted over a month . That’s what drugs do give you a temporary euphoria . Doesn’t compare to the real deal.

    • James says:

      Why not burn roses and tulips and smoke them. Why do you have to burn Cannabis or marijuana Leaves for them to be effective? Nothing that burns is good for your lungs or body. Not even your soul.

  3. Dave says:

    God made marijuana AND hemp. Don’t get the two confused. And He said BOTH are good. Marijuana has the effects it has because that is the way God made it. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to but as a Christian, you have NO business condemning it or saying it is evil or bad. To do so is saying God made a mistake. Marijuana has several medicinal uses. Not everybody who uses it abuses it. If you get a tooth pulled, the dentist will probably give you a script for Lortabs, but there are people who don’t need Lortabs that take them too. Pharmekia is not talking about natural things that God put here. It is talking about things that people have to put together. Man-made drugs designed to create a certain effect on the mind, body, or both. It is where we get our word pharmacy, and pharmaceuticals. God gave us natural substances and the Holy Spirit for healing. Man decided to make his own medicine so he didn’t have to rely on a God he couldn’t see. Furthermore marijuana does NOT kill brain cells in the way that you think. Its more like working out. Your arms get sore because you are tearing your muscles, but they grow back stronger. The only brain cells marijuana effects are the ones that grow back. Study it instead of taking 1 or 2 peoples words for it. And CBS news has just released a report stating that marijuana DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER. Get your facts straight instead of bending the scriptures to fit your own agenda

    • Ang says:

      Dave n Pam make great points. I’ve always had my thoughts about it being raised strict Christian but I knew it was different than crack and other altered drugs. It wasn’t until I started researching about cannabais that I could no longer argue the benefits. But I’ve never heard anyone bring clarity to the man made drugs like pharmaceuticals like you two have. And i study!
      Truly we have to understand the agendas of the system. I admit breaking those religious teachings are difficult. My answer: modesty in everything. It’s not like u can overdose!

  4. Tristan says:

    You are wrong in saying that marijuana kills brain cells, that is a myth. It rreally is, besides there’s hundreds of thing that kill them; too much water, stress, seriously. You sir are a fool. Should we avoid gettin scared in movies? Adrenaline such as when u get frightened produces cortisol, which kills them, guess its a sin huh? So what if you use a vaporizer? There’s no smoke and seeing that that’s the only thing harmful, then what’s so bad? If you don’t what that is then you have done no research and you’re an idiot.and it doesn’t make you stupid, I have a 4.2 GPA and have been smoking it.

    • angie says:

      Is it really necessary to call each other names? God created all. I think that pot is the least drug to make ppl do bad things or hurt others, however we need to think about where our money goes when we buy it. Remember the war in mexico? If we buy pot then we are arming the cartels. Pot helps many with pain,but remember one joint is like smoking a pack of ciggaettes. Its your body your choice your consequences. God bless

      • One joint is in no way like a pack of cigarettes…….. that doesn’t make sense on any level. Many studies have shown that smoking cannabis does not cause cancer unlike cigarettes, and can actual inhibit the growth of lung cancer. The cannabis that I get does not come from Mexico but from a local grower and is in no way supporting a cartel. Prohibition supports the cartels by creating a black market. Do some research and quit repeating talking points by those with a vested interested in keeping nature illegal.

    • David says:

      Anybody who wants to counter with the whole mind-altering drug use is a sin theory, I will tell you this:
      God is mind altering- his ways are not our ways, so why then Man- should you judge?

      • mark says:

        Its really about what Jesus said that solves the legalism question and the sin question. He said it is not what goes into a man that makes him unclean. Its what comes out of him. If an alcoholic beats his wife dont blame alcohol and prohibit it for those who drink but dont beat thier wife. Punish the action. We like to tell ourselves that fixing societies problems is a matter of making the perfect se of preventative rules. God used the whole of the Old Testament to prove that rules cannot produce righteousness, but in fact sin takes occasion by the law and becomes even worse. Look at drug prohibition in the light of Pauls teaching on grace vs. law and you will understand that we are using the wrong weopons to fight social problems and addiction.

  5. This article is stupid. Firstly God made every herb bearing seed for meat, so mushrooms don’t come into that category as they have no seeds. Furthermore, it states in the Bible that some will teach false gospel, advising to abstain from certain meats.

    This issue can be answered by a simple dose of common sense. If God did not want humans to ingest marijuana then he would have said so directly! Leviiticus has some many rules and guidelines for the most mundane things in life, so I find it hard to believe that God would overlook this.

    I see no harm in marijuana. It is funny as Christians never denounce alcohol, despite some people getting sozzled each weekend and having one night stands with serious repercussions i.e. unwanted pregnancy, abortions, relationship breakdown etc.

    As with any drug/intoxicant you have to have common sense when using it. I know lots of people who smoke weed, and they all have successful jobs. Some people just use weed as an excuse for their own laziness. Sex can be a drug for some, leading to poor choices i.e. sleeping with strangers….should we ban sex then?

    God is the Supreme Authority in this world, and if he mentioned alcohol in the Bible then he would surely have prohibited weed as well. If a Christian feels that he is sinning my smoking weed then he should abstain if he feels that he makes poor choices etc while under the effect. However, many people are comfortable with the altered perception and find it a great alternative to drinking i.e. no hangovers, and it can be cost effective as I have seen people easily spend £80 in one night on drinks etc.

    My advice, life is hard, leave people alone and let them enjoy one of the natural pleasures God has created.

    • Dron says:

      a very good point. also the original author of this web page mentioned how God made the poppy flower and man destroys his life with heroin. heroin is a man made drug that mixes poppy with many other chemicals, thus corrupting the great uses of the poppy. the indeginous people of south east Asia used the poppy as a mild pain and muscle relaxant after getting injured. but the poppy was not addictive and had no life altering psychological affects. please get educated before you broadcast misinformed opinions. you change a well intentioned blog page to a source of vile propoganda

  6. W says:

    This article is very biased. It is not a harmful substance and has many heath benefits, that many people who have commented before me have stated.

    • John Bailey says:

      One of the most harmful substances of all is alcohol, even in moderation, yet the bible doesn’t condemn it. One of Jesus’ miracles was changing water to wine so that people could get high. This diatribe against marijuana is absurd. I’ve never heard of anyone fighting because they were stoned. But you see drunks fighting all the time.

  7. Mark says:

    I used to smoke weed when I was a kid. I never got caught by the law but I did screw up a lot of choices like my education. Then I got saved and delivered from dependency on marijuana. For years I warned people not to do it because its not what God wants us to do. But I based that on my own past of abuse. 20 years later I realize that not everyone was like me. I realized putting people in jail for smoking weed was wrong. Im glad they did not put me in jail. God didnt need a prison to reach me. Prison is for scary dangerous people. Not for people who want to get high.
    I wish we could legalize pot everywhere and just focus on treatment and evangelism.
    I dont think smoking anything was what God had in mind. But he did say we could eat any seed bearing plant. Many people have done that instead of smoking it. I do think there is a purpose for it, but it should not become an idol that gets us away from God as our problem solver and source of peace and joy. I used to abuse alcohol back when I was a smoker. Now I use alcohol moderatly. There are probably a lot of people who do the same thing with pot. Its only the abusers we tend to see get in trouble. The responsible users live and work among us and we never know the difference.

    • Pam says:

      I agree. Thank you for pointing out that your personality has more to do with it then just the drug itself. They say pot is a gateway drug yet it is classified as one of the worst drugs. How can a substance open a door to something worse, when the door you just walked through already had the worst on the other side of it? So many older generations of people haven’t thoroughly educated themselves on the fact that their bible tells them the things man is doing to contradict what God wanted. Also like the facts about it killing brain cells. That’s the first thing that happens when ANYTHING with a brain dies. Many don’t know the specifics of the governments experiments with monkeys and pot. They gave them nothing but pot smoke in their masks. They didn’t take normal breaths of oxygen between puffs, of course they are going to die. The deprivation of oxygen is what killed them, not the pot. The number 1 reason it should be legal, is because you CANNOT overdose on it. There is NO drug out there that can be used medically and recreationally without overdose NONE BUT POT. 1Timothy 4:1-3. Revelations 22:1-2. Romans talks about offending one another with things THEY think offend God. It says that it isn’t what goes into your mouth that offends Him, it’s what comes out. Glad you are doing well.

    • Chris says:

      “but it should not become an idol that gets us away from God as our problem solver and source of peace and joy.” I think you hit the nail on the head here.

  8. Tyler says:

    As a Christian, I feel that there is nothing wrong with weed. It helps me calm down and causes me to look at God’s creation through a different lens. A beautiful picture of our world and all of His doings. While partaking of the herb, I’ve learned to slow down and enjoy the simple things, such as staring at the stars and marveling at how magnificent His universe is. The Bible says do not get drunk off wine. Inhaling or eating a herb does not make me drunk and foolish but instead opens my eyes to a wonderful world. I have battled severe depression my whole life and just recently was prescribed an antidepressant. After a month or two of use, it drove me into an even deeper depression. I stopped the medications and started smoking more and I’ve come clean out of a life threatening depression. You can’t say that is a sin unless you’d rather hear about how I gave into suicidal thoughts caused by a severe depression fueled by man-made antidepressants. I love Jesus and would think He would love us enough to give us a plant to help us and heal us in a world that is full of hate and destruction. I just thought I’d share that little bit of information. Some Christians are so blind due to legal restrictions and structure that I wonder sometimes how effective established churches are. It seems to me that most Christians are more worried about rules, regulations, and structure than trying to connect with people on a deeper level. Isn’t that what it’s all about when everything boils down? Marijuana shouldn’t be an issue if people’s souls truly are.

  9. John says:

    Marijuana does not “kill brain cells”, that’s dumb.

  10. Sativa says:

    The tool that wrote this article has probably never smoked a joint in their life, you can also eat it, dumba$$. Besides the government is the one who made it illegal not God. God is probably up there toking right now. Quit being a tool and think for yourself for once stop letting the government decide what is right or wrong.
    What is the Word of God on the Cannabis plant?

    The hemp plant (scientific name: cannabis, slang: marijuana) is one of the many useful herbs “yielding seed after its kind” created and blessed by God on the third day of creation, “and God saw that it was good.” (Genesis 1:12) He gave hemp for people to use with our free will.

    God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth.…To you it will be for meat.” … And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. (Genesis 1:29-31) The Bible predicts some herb’s prohibition. “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times, some shall … speak lies in hypocrisy … commanding to abstain from meats which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth. (Paul: 1 Timothy 4:1-3)

    The Bible speaks of a special plant. “I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any more.” (Ezekiel 34:29) A healing plant. On either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare 12 manner of fruits, and yielding her fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. (Revelations 22:1-2) A gift from God.

    I used to be all brainwashed and Christian like the tool that wrote this article until I started thinking for myself I still believe in God and Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, but I no longer participate in brainwashed organized religion and my life is so much better now. I even asked God for some weed one day and I happened to get some pot unexpectedly 20 min later. So put that in your self righteous pipe and smoke it. TOOL!

  11. Bobtsu says:

    Problem with this article is it concedes the point that the cannabis plant has practical uses. However you ignore the fact that our federal government has a complete and utter prohibtion on the cannabis plant. The federal government classifies marijuana as having absolutely NO accepted value.

  12. mike champion says:

    its right back to the garden eating from the wrong tree pleasure we have the bread of life and his word and prayer these are the days of deception all who believe smoking weed is good have been deluded and are chained by the bondage of self satan is a liar and a thief Jesus came that we may have life The very life of god what more could we need then HIM do you truly believe HE WAS BEATEN – BATTERED SHED HIS BIOOD so you could get high if so you better reconsider there are eternal consequences is your name written by His Blood in the lambs book of life. mike champion

  13. Gee Martinez says:

    I hate how everyone always tries to bash cannabis. No one has died from it, brain cells don’t die from consuption after you turn 25 I believe, its oils have cured cancerous tumors, it can help you; eat sleep or with pain. The only reason it was banned is because the white man said that it caused Mexicans & blacks to rape their women, it would collapse the lumber & fuel industry & many other industries as well & that wouldn’t be good for the rich white folks now would it? Boohoo…

    People are so brainwashed its scary

    • koolkeepn says:

      Every person has his or her own path and true Believers should understand. Yes many many many Churches in Oklahoma only House false dances controlled by Satan.
      Yes it was God who Created marijuana and He said it was Good.
      Oklahoma still has low alcohol Beer and liquor stored Closed on Sundays.
      Yet just NEXT DOOR connecting Colorado has it ENTIRELY LEGAL.
      Make sense?… I do agree Oklahoma is behind with many its.

  14. righteousness says:

    seen bredren, you sight only with your eyes…organs by which we intake the most evil. so much so that they were made to repent through the shedding of tears. but you forget that THE MOST HIGH is that of the “seen” & “UNSEEN”. he would not just create things because they are practical and “obvious” but that they had deeper meaning to the depths of which we’ll never fully know. but rastaman is right to say that it is the healing of he nation. it has been said that peace is not just the absence of war, but the synergy between two opposing forces. such is the struggle of man, the body wants what it wants, and your higher spiritual self will be at odds w/ it as you try to not give in to temptation on the righteous path. the herb was a given to Adam by an angel, as one of the 7 seeds given to him by THE MOST HIGH when the angels cried and pleaded w/ THE MOST HIGH to not kick him out of the garden. (well that and the sapphire staff HE walked with during creation that later became Mose’s staff.) point being, it is made for medication, i.e. the “seen” (CBDs) and meditation, a.k.a. the “unseen” (THCs). it’s not something simply used to “party” it’s meant for communion w/ one another and our selves through meditation on righteousness and one’s own individual participation in said righteousness. which will lead to having the wisdom to do so. WISDOM….who herself is said to be a pillar of white smoke that goes before THE MOST HIGH and who’s ideal self is HIS word. so to, as we are made in HIS image and the white smoke of wisdom precedes HIM, the white smoke of wisdom goes before me. and i take her in and become one with her just as King Solomon when he prayed for wisdom as a wife. and she eases my body so that my spiritual self can rise above the pains of being exiled from the garden and obtain the wisdom to line up w/ the righteousness of THE MOST HIGH. i know for certain that it wasn’t the tree of knowledge of good and evil as that tree gave man the inclination to do evil by thinking that we knew the difference between them thus that we “knew better…”, where as before he only knew of sin but had no inclination to it. it very well might be the tree of life as that is actually said to be the healing of the nation through Jesus and the tree of life’s anointing oil. and hemp seed has been said to be “a super food” having numerous health benefits. the tree of life is also said to be the mercy seat or where Jesus will reign when he returns. so i might well be that he rules from there w/ “wisdom” as King Solomon did (not sure if he ever did actually “light up the chalice” but i like to think so, i mean the man had 300 wives and 700 concubines so it’s either that or self medicate some other way) i don’t really know. but i know enough to know that only HIS word is LAW. not the little laws, based in and out of fear, that BABYLON try and impose on and oppress the people with. and like my heavenly father, in front of whom, his woman proceeds and acts as a guide for his word, so to am i preceded by the white smoke of wisdom. which guides me to righteousness and an understanding, through the relation ship of King Alpha & Queen Omega, that love is the ideal righteousness…

    • wow dude….deep.. lol….seriously? You must have been smoking SOMETHING when you wrote this. I can tell by what your delusional Charles Manson sounding mixed up fairytale stuff…sheesh…this nonsense you typed is .all the bigger argument for why people shouldn’t smoke dope or get high on anything… The Holy Spirit came not to get us “high” but to help us preach and live for God and walk in holiness and maturity, set apart to do HIS WILL….ya’ll can cry out all you want…but God didn’t always make things for us to consume…or to smoke or to get high with….yikes…this world is crazy and you aren’t supposed to be part of it…but Set Apart FROM it…

  15. koolkeepn says:

    Why is Bible Belt Oklahoma making marijuana a Federal Crime? Because of the reason shoe to me every non believer of it being good is a SINNER and only acting in Gods eyes.

  16. Phil says:

    It’s proven now that Cannabis rejuvenates Brain cells, heals nerve cells, regulates endocannabinoids and cures cancers by seeking out infected cells while protecting healthy cells…. Quite a few studies showing Cannabanoids shrinking rumors and completely wiping out cancers. That’s God sent it’s Satans agenda to keep it criminalized and mixed with evils when it’s probably the most beneficial plant in existence… Don’t be ignorant..

  17. mark says:

    I posted earlier inthe conversation. More than ever I think it should be decriminalized and regulated. Its ironic that Ray Comforts primary thrust in his evangelism strategy is the idea that we have all broken Gods law and we are convicted as sinners. He should carry that idea out to the direction Paul the apostle continued in. Law cannot produce righteousness, instead sin takes occasion by the law. See Romans. If sin springs to life under Gods perfect law, how much more will it spring up and proliferate under mans self righteous and judgemental earthly laws designed to make people sober and spirtually clean. The war on drugs and all the hell that it has created is a sad illustration of how the law only makes things worse when applied to matters of the heart. Alcohol prohibition taught us this but theres just to much moralism working in conjunction with greed and power in government.

  18. Dawn says:

    I think everyone here is focusing on the wrong issues!!!

    Please read and reflect (and pray?) upon Romans 14:1-23.

    In a nutshell, regarding marijuana – we are no longer living under law, but we are now covered by the amazing grace of God. God created weed for many great purposes, and we are allowed to use it, according to your personal convictions. Whether you use it wisely or abuse it, God is still gonna love you. BUT remember, you will have to answer to Him eventually one day. Don’t cheapen His grace.

    The more important point here is – even if you think it’s okay FOR YOU to smoke pot, Paul warns us NOT TO BE A STUMBLING BLOCK to others. 1) By legalizing marijuana or encouraging leisure use, it is opening up a wormhole for many other people to abuse it and become addicted. Don’t you see lots of stoned potheads out there already whose lives are affected? I have. 2) There will be unbelievers who will look at you and think, “A Christian doing drugs? Tsk tsk. Hah, so much for loving Jesus!” Is this the way you want to glorify Jesus?? Is this a good way to lead people to Christ? We are called to be the “salt and light of the world”! *Matthew 5:13-16*

    So ultimately what God says is – mature Christians should not think selfishly about YOUR OWN WANTS. Our actions should be led by love. Love for God, and love for others.

    p.s I personally wouldn’t mind smoking a joint occasionally for fun, but unless its prescribed to me for valid medicinal reasons, I choose not to. Because living for Jesus is more important to me.

    Who or what is most important to you? Who/what is your God?

    Try keeping that in mind when thinking about the marijuana issue.

    • markdeckard says:

      There are a lot of issues and I think most people here have raised good ones, as have you. To say everybody is focusing on the wrong issues when you have just repeated much of what others have said makes me scratch my head. This kind of discussion is the basis of True democracy , the will of the people. The will of the people will eventually overtake the minority will of the moralistic legalistic who try to use government to change society into a Christian one. Fact is, prohibition is unscriptural in that it is trying to use the wrath of man to work the righteousness of God. trying to use the law to defeat addiction is antithetical to the gospel of grace. God spent a good part of the new testament teaching that no one is justified under the law and under the law sin abounds.
      The only laws that are constitutionally valid are the ones that address direct violation of the rights of others. Thus prohibition is illegal.

    • markdeckard says:


      There are a lot of issues and I think most people here have raised good ones, as have you. To say everybody is focusing on the wrong issues when you have just repeated much of what others have said makes me scratch my head. This kind of discussion is the basis of True democracy , the will of the people. The will of the people will eventually overtake the minority will of the moralistic legalistic who try to use government to change society into a Christian one. Fact is, prohibition is unscriptural in that it is trying to use the wrath of man to work the righteousness of God. trying to use the law to defeat addiction is antithetical to the gospel of grace. God spent a good part of the new testament teaching that no one is justified under the law and under the law sin abounds.
      The only laws that are constitutionally valid are the ones that address direct violation of the rights of others. Thus prohibition is illegal.

  19. michael says:

    if this is true then why in gen 1 29 it says Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food weed is a herb bearing seed and 1st tim 4 4 For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, god created weed and one more There is nothing outside a person that by going into him can defile him, but the things that come out of a person are what defile him.”since it enters not his heart but his stomach, and is expelled?

  20. jenny says:

    I don’t know if God ever intended for us to smoke it, however God certainly wouldn’t make anything that wasn’t useful and marijuana is medicine for physical illnesses as well as mental illnesses with very little side affects, and it deserves a chance. I believe there’s a strain for everyone just because one didn’t work for dose not mean another wont.

  21. Michael says:

    I needed to edit out a part…. “Stay off these sites, you are of no help. You are disgusting and disgraceful and seriously need help.” This was to be omitted…. I had just posted this on another site, and just copied and pasted….That is why it was there….

  22. zelza1 says:

    Organized Religion is man made and Government approved! I believe in YHWH and HIS Son Yashua Who is my only KING, therefore I do not vote for men to rule me!! MAN cannot change the world for the better the Bible is clear on that! I just don’t believe in man made doctrines which are out of context and equal to mans opinions. Whoever wrote this did just that! Inserted their opinion!!
    Christian is nothing more than a generic term to describe someone engaged with organized religion! That is why there are 40,000 christian denominations, sects and groups! Pick your opinion!!
    That is also why there bible has been authorized by “KING” James, to bad it was never YHWH ELOHIM who authorized the KINGS version, but many christians claim HE did, but no proof to their claim… That is why Yashua Asked why call me Rabbi when there is one True Rabbi YHWH!! To many seek the opinion of men and not the true teacher ELOHIM YHWH. Ask the True Rabbi this question and not men. That is why “christians” lose their debates,.. men contradict….. YHWH does not.

  23. Nancy McVicker says:

    I know Marijuana is harmful. I ask the question for medical use. People say God created it and it helps people medically. What do I tell them.

  24. TJ Doyle says:

    Cannabis does not kill brain cells…read some scientific peer-reviewed articles…it actually has neuroprotective and antioxidative properties. In fact, the US government holds patent 6630507 which proves that it cures cancer…do some research folks!

  25. pastor Kevin says:

    Why is “mans” opinions and misinformation always included and stated as fact? Man has never been known to be honest or righteous! Stick to the facts and the Truth (God’s word). God created everything that has life and saw that all He created was good. If mans word and God’s word contradict each other, Christ Himself said to trust in God’s word. He created marijuana and saw that it was good, and gave it to man to use for his benefit. This does NOT mean we can sit around all day and be potheads, as overindulgence of anything is gluttony and is a sin. God’s word is also NOT to be used as a permission slip to be a waste case. Marijuana has many medicinal uses, as a sleep aid, as a pain reliever and even to prevent diseases such as glaucoma. (though some dispute this.) It also in the beginning was freely and divinely growing in 3/4 of the lands of the earth!
    If you truly believe in God and serve Him, then anything you do will be done with reverence to Him, including smoking a joint for your benefit. However, you must also realize that though created and given to all men, some of us can’t wisely and respectfully use it. For those people, it would be better not to use it at all. Just like Jesus drank wine responsibly, some of us can’t do that either. So it’s better for those who can’t not to at all. Same with His plant marijuana. As long as you always think about Christ first and yourself last, an intelligent decision will be made every time and it will always be a decision that honors both the Father and His son, Jesus. God bless us all ! Amen.

  26. Harley Bailey says:

    This dude just compared heroin and marijuana. And clearly you have never smoked it and probably never will and I feel sorry for you. My sister has been smoking pot for 8 years and brought home a 4.0 grade report from her first semester of college. Yeah if you can’t be an adult about it and go to work and get your daily activities done then you shouldn’t do it. I’ve been smoking for quite a while and if it has killed some of my brain cells, it’s really not enough to notice. I have enough self control to get up everyday​ and do my grown up stuff after smoking for years. By the way, if I go up to my drug dealer and ask him for “dope” he isn’t coming back to the door with pot, he is way more likely to come to the door with meth or something. I had to look up drugs that make you forget what your doing, because weed has never done that to me or anybody I know of, and the top results were drugs like ectsasy and other club drugs. I mean I’ve heard that it might screw with your short term memory but that’s it. If the worst thing people did everyday was get up and smoke a blunt, I think this world would be in way better shape. I think you are putting your fight in the wrong place. And according to records we all die whether we smoke cigarettes or not. I guess you can act like you never do anything stupid because you’re​ a perfect churchgoer but us regular people all have our problems we face everyday and we don’t need some pastor/actor or whatever you are putting us down. And I’d feel much more stupid for paying 20 bucks for some IQ test on your site. If I save 10 more bucks I could buy a quarter of pretty good reggie. I must have got into the wrong line of work, if I would have known that I could put up a website and sell merchandise and ask for donations and quote some scripture and make a few million dollars I would have hopped right in.

  27. Pete Galasso says:

    scientists in Jerusulem have discovered ways to take out the hallucnating substances (thc) and use the cbd to treat various ailments especially spasms in young kids the old way was to cut out part of their brain. they did it to a little girl i think she was 9 yrs old it worked for a while then the spasms came back and they wanted to go back and cut some more of her brain out the 2nd time the parents choose the medical cannabis it worked they didn’t want the doctors to butcher her brain. My question to you is WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF SHE WAS YOUR DAUGHTER? they refine the opium poopy to make morphine and other opiates that kill and destroy your kidneys and liver there is a better way you should do some cannabis research pete(joe)

  28. Diane Wayne says:

    During the 17th century a Dutch doctor traveled to America in search of natural drugs to create anaesthesia. He lived with and learned from the American Indians about marijuana and brought it back to the Netherlands and used it in vapors to help his patients during surgery. And of course there is much evidence of the health benefits and commercial uses of this plant. I have smoked marijuana and cigarettes for many decades. However I now have COPD. I enjoy marijuana for it’s relaxing qualities and it’s stimulating boosts to my creativity. However,it’s been discovered that smoking it can cause COPD. I think it is a good and useful natural remedy to many ailments. However I no longer think smoking it is the best way to go. I am currently abstaining from marijuana and taking a spiritual journey with God via Rick Warren’s book,”The Purpose Driven Life” With God as my Captain and with that and prayers I am hoping for a visit from the Holy Spirit and will happily give up the marijuana which truly enjoy for that visitation. I think it is a good and useful plant but I’m believing in the Supernatural for revelation and a natural high.

  29. William lough says:

    Heroin is a man made drug its travels a long way from the sap bulb to heroin lots of nasty stuff just like cigarettes but weed is weed it helps my neuropathy takes my back pain away also and I still function all day long

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