A check for $185,000

A man in Connecticut just wanted to jot down a phone number when he picked up what he thought was litter on a sidewalk. But what he found was an envelope containing a check for $185,000. Guess what he did? The man, who receives food stamps and works at McDonald’s, said he didn’t think twice about trying to cash it. Instead, the 47-year-old took a bus to a bank and returned the check to the landlord to whom the check was written. That made national news, and so it should. It is big news when a human being does what is right in the face of such temptation. However, the fact that doing the right thing is so unusual as to be newsworthy simply verifies the truth of Scripture—that the heart of man is not good; it is “desperately wicked.”

Psalm 64:6 They devise iniquities: “We have perfected a shrewd scheme.” Both the inward thought and the heart of man are deep.

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