Ruined a mother’s day.

“The powerful preaching of Jesus is piercing precisely because everything He says is not only true, but comes from a heart of love. Jesus first of all, loves His Father in heaven and would never compromise the message that sinners must be delivered or be damned. That is the reason Jesus came to earth—to save sinners. It’s true. Jesus loved you and me too much to not speak plainly of our greatest problem (sin and the wrath of God) and the glorious solution (the good news of the gospel).

I recently watched a clip of a missionary named Paul Washer who tells the story of how a doctor ruined his mother’s day by telling her she had cancer. The news ruined her whole weekend and made her cry. But, obviously, the doctor was doing the most compassionate thing he could by telling her the truth and offering her an opportunity to do something about her problem before it was too late. If the doctor had avoided the dreadful subject of cancer, he would have acted immorally, unethically, and should have had his license taken away. Likewise, Washer states, there are many pastors today who need to have their licenses taken away due to their lack of courage to speak of that which is most vital to the sinner—his need to recognize his own sin, turn from that sin (along with its eternal penalty) and turn to the Savior, resulting in pardon, peace, and paradise. I agree with Paul Washer and pray that God gives me courage to speak the truth in love like Jesus did.” Kirk Cameron 

Ephesians 4:15 but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head- Christ

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2 Responses to Ruined a mother’s day.

  1. Michael Adams says:


  2. Steve says:

    Kirk, I appreciate you compassion for the lost but one cannot first “turn from that sin” by themselves cause they are dead in them. Please read Romans 4 & 5. Wouldn’t that be a works orientated gospel? We turn from sin BY believing in Christ as our Savior who alone pardons us from our iniquities. We are dead in our works, God turns us after reasoning with us so our eyes would be open too sin and it’s judgement. Read Acts 3 and read the prayer to heaven. In Thess. they first turned to God and then from idols. Repentance for an unbeliever is the change of heart and mind and then faith to the Savior. Then the regeneration in the new born begins to walk away from sinfulness and be more sanctified day by day. I hope you can find time to reply, Steve

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