5 minutes into the future.

If you knew even five minutes into the future, I am certain things would radically change for you. I am not talking about playing blackjack in Vegas; rather, I am thinking about what car or plane you would climb into, what pill you would consume. I am sure if Heath Ledger had known the future, he would have been more careful about what he swallowed. I am sure if President John F. Kennedy had known just a few minutes into the future, he would have thought twice about climbing into a limo in Dallas. The fact is, we don’t know even a moment into the future—but we can know Him who knows the future.

The Bible tells us that God created time and that He can flip through it as you and I flip through the pages of a history book. Those who find that hard to believe simply need to study Matt. 24 or Luke 21, and see how the words of Jesus parallel history before it came into being. The Word of God perfectly predicts the days in which we live. Jesus even predicted that His words would never pass away (see Matt. 24:25), and 2,000 years later we still have them.

What is going to happen in the future? God knows; and it is an unspeakable consolation to know that with all the chaos and uncertainty in this world, there is Someone who is in control. Absolute control.

Ecclesiastes 8:7 For he does not know what will happen; So who can tell him when it will occur?

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