True and false gospel.

Here is the difference between the true gospel and the false gospel. The false message says that you should come to Christ “because something is missing in your life—you have a God-shaped hole in your heart. God has a wonderful plan for your life.” But there is no biblical precedent for a message of life-improvement upon conversion. None. In fact, the Bible promises us trials, tribulations, temptations, and persecution.

The reason any of us should come to Christ is because we are deceitfully wicked sinners, and we desperately need a Savior. Without the mercy of God in Christ, we will come under God’s just wrath, and end up in hell. We should come to Christ for no other reason.

The false message is very popular for obvious reasons, and that is why many who preach the false gospel have such large followings. However, some people are beginning to notice the discrepancy and asking why. It is my earnest prayer that they reform the message they are preaching.

Jeremiah 23:32“Behold, I am against those who prophesy false dreams,” says theLord, “and tell them, and cause My people to err by their lies and by their recklessness. Yet I did not send them or command them; therefore they shall not profit this people at all,” says the Lord.

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4 Responses to True and false gospel.

  1. patty says:

    WRONG! SO WRONG!!! There is plenty of life-improvement found in the bible upon conversion. Psalm 1 says I am blessed if I delight in God’s law and that whatever I do will prosper. He watches over me. Proverbs 1 says I will live in safety, be at ease, and without fear or harm. Psalm 2 says I am blessed. Prov 2 says God holds success in store for me. He is my shield and guards my way. He protects my way. Psalm 3 says The Lord sustains me and hears my prayer answers me and delivers me. ALL because I am now his child. Proverbs 3 tells me I have peace, prosperity, and a prolonged life because I am his child. God makes my path straight. Being his child will bring health to my body and nourishment to my bones. My barns will over flow. He keeps my foot from being snared. He blesses my home. Psalm 4 says I will dwell in safety. AND that’s just the first 4 psalms and proverbs. Sure sounds like life improvements to me. I am a better person for having found Christ. My life has improved tremendously!

  2. In my experience there very much was a “hole” that was filled after I accepted Christ Jesus as My Lord and Savior. Jesus allowed me to know His unconditional love and to ultimately understand the true definition of love as He defines it (versus the way the materialistic world wants us to understand it and experience it which of course is not living at all or truly loving for that matter). God does have a plan for each person’s life, filled with tasks and encounters that He prepared in advance for each one of us to complete and experience. The improved life of a Born Again Christian consists of now having the knowledge of an Almighty God and a relationship with Jesus, our Lord and Savior. There will be challenges guaranteed as Jesus Christ leads each of his followers on a journey that will grow each individual as our Lord God deems suitable and right. He is our Sovereign Lord. One cannot even breathe without Him allowing it to happen. In a daily act of worship, we give him ourselves in complete obedience and allow him to work through us as he sees fit. We communicate with our Lord Jesus regularly in prayer and look forward to experiencing the daily journey. The wonderful plan for each person is that once our spiritual eyes are opened, we then begin the incredible journey of knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I encourage you to read works by these faithful Christian followers whose lives were filled with joy even during the trials that God allowed them to experience. The faith of A.W. Tozer, D.L. Moody, Andrew Murray, Watchman Nee and Corrie ten Boom grew as their knowledge of Jesus grew. Nothing is too hard for God. His ways are not our ways but many times God allows his people to see the results of why circumstances turn out different from the way simple men (and women) believe they should. That is one of the best parts of the journey! Jesus loves people and what He wants is for the humans He created to know Him and TRUST Him while His will for their lives unfolds! Seek our Lord God daily in prayer, worship and reading of the Word (The Holy Bible) and thus live as He intended!

  3. 4christ4ever says:

    I’m sooo confused. I came to Christ for the right reasons and He set me free from about 36 years of addictions to drugs, etc. But now I’ve begun smoking trees and am now questioning whether I was ever really saved at all. He delivered me, He did! I am grieving over the power this pot has over me. Plz help me.

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