During open-air preaching.

During Open-air preaching, one way to attract “fish” is to use any type of entertainment, such as playing a guitar and singing. If it would help me pull in a crowd, I would sing, if I could. If I could dance or juggle or smash wood with my fist, I would use that skill for the glory of God. If you have a talent of any sort, give serious consideration to using it to reach the lost. Some Christians have a great talent but set it aside, thinking that it was just part of their old, sinful life. Then resurrect it for the sake of the unsaved. If you can do sleight-of-hand (magic), do it. Rekindle the skill.

However, make sure that any entertainment is used to attract people to the message, rather than distract them from it. If it continues while you’re witnessing, people won’t be listening to your words. So once you have their attention, stop the entertainment, but keep it handy, and do something else for your listeners when you have finished speaking to leave them with a positive note.

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One Response to During open-air preaching.

  1. Danny Rebecca says:

    Nonsense! Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God! Not by juggling!

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