Fleece the flock.

Ezekiel 34:2-5. It is hard to read this and not think of the many “shepherds” who fleece their flock with a false gospel of prosperity that makes no reference to sin, righteousness, or judgment.

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One Response to Fleece the flock.

  1. You fleece your own flock with your silly nonsense, Ray. Your ignorant posts like this one don’t move us forward. Religions like yours are the past. People are not joining religions at the same rate that they are leaving them. Stop professing your religion as the true religion and stop saying your bible is the literal truth. There are good things about religions, but trying to convince people that your religion is the only one & true religion is just ridiculous. Profess the parts that say you shoiuld be honest and good to others, but don’t waste time telling people about their eternal damnation in hell by your mythical god.

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