The fifteen shall become one flesh

It would seem that in the Old Testament God sanctioned polygamy. Not so. Jesus said that in the beginning “the two shall become one flesh” (Matt. 19:4,5). He did not say “the fifteen shall become one flesh.” God gave Israel kings, but that was His permissive not His perfect will. Polygamy is in the same category.

2 Chronicles 13:21 But Abijah grew mighty, married fourteen wives, and begot twenty-two sons and sixteen daughters.

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2 Responses to The fifteen shall become one flesh

  1. beocai says:

    What Jesus ment was that when a man and a woman are sexually united they become one flesh.This passage is not about polygamy, it’s about divorce and marriage There are very few passages which deals about polygamy, I found four: The first is in Exodus 21:10 about the laws acording slaves, the second i in Deut.17:17 the king should not have many wifes the third is in Deut. 21:15 about a man who has two wifes and the fourth is in Isiaiah 4:1 about seven women who hold on to one man. The exemples of bad polygamy marriages in the bible doesn’t nullifie the good ones. There are eample of bad monogamy marriages also but they don’t nullifie the good ones either.The message of the bible is that the man should hold on to his wife or wifes not to another mans wife, not .commit adultery.

  2. lionroot says:

    Under God’s Law was it ever lawful to marry a second wife for any reason?

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