The greatest sin…

Since the greatest Commandment is to love God with all of our heart (see Matt. 22:36,37), it is reasonable to say that the greatest sin is a failure to do so. The Bible tells us that no one seeks after God (see Rom. 3:11), so all of humanity is guilty of this sin of omission. Occasionally individuals will deliberately lie as you take them through the Ten Commandments, by claiming that they have never lied, stolen, blasphemed, or looked with lust. When that happens, ask if they have kept the first of the Ten Commandments. They will almost certainly say that they have.

To help them see their sin, you can explain it this way: “The Word of God says no one has kept that Commandment, so one of you is lying—and it is impossible for God to lie. So you have just lied to me and have broken not only the First Commandment, but also the Ninth. Now that we have established that you are a liar, I can’t believe what you’ve just told me about stealing, blasphemy, and lust. It’s obvious that your problem is one of idolatry—you have a wrong image of God, which means that you have also broken the Second Commandment.”

Leviticus 4:2 “Speak to the children of Israel, saying: ‘If a person sins unintentionally against any of the commandments of the Lord in anything which ought not to be done, and does any of them…

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