Tip for open-air preaching.

Search the Internet for pictures of celebrities who have died. Print a large copy of each and staple them at the top left corner. Go through them one at a time, asking the crowd who they are and why they are famous (their most notable movie, etc.). Then ask what they all have in common.

As people call out their answers, watch for someone who is confident and loud. Ask for his name as you ask why the celebrity was famous, etc. Be sure you deliberately log his name into your memory. Call on him a couple of times and ask him for the identity of the next celebrity. In doing so you are building a relationship so that you can come back to him (or a couple of other people you have befriended) and ask, “Bill, tell me—what are your thoughts on what happens after someone dies? Is there a heaven? Is the person reincarnated? Do you think there is a hell?” Then take him through the Good Person Test.

Even if you don’t sense a conviction of sin from the individual you’re addressing, when open-air preaching it’s wise to go ahead and explain the gospel. It may seem like a contentious crowd, but there could be one or more individuals who are listening.

Job 22:2 “Can a man be profitable to God, Though he who is wise may be profitable to himself?

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One Response to Tip for open-air preaching.

  1. jtveg says:

    You are a charlatan, a fraud, a trickster and a manipulator and you just admitted it and what’s worse you are showing others how to be this way too.

    You should be ashamed to call yourself a Christian.

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