Prophecy being fulfilled today.

Few within the Church would deny that we are seeing Bible prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes. These are certainly “perilous” times. Men’s hearts are failing them for fear of what is coming on the earth. There are suicide bombings, terrorist acts, nation rising against nation and kingdom against kingdom. The neighbors of Israel are boldly escalating their hatred of the Jews. Lawlessness and the love of sin abound on every side. Economies are collapsing, and as political leaders try to keep a brave face, I can see fear deep in their eyes. They fail to even acknowledge the God who gave them life, and I think of the psalmist’s prayer, “Arise, O LORD, do not let man prevail; let the nations be judged in Your sight. Put them in fear, O LORD, that the nations may know themselves to be but men” (Psa. 9:19,20).

In the midst of speaking about the dark and frightening signs of the end of the age, Jesus shone a beacon of wonderful light: “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matt. 24:14).

You and I can be a part of fulfillment of Bible prophecy. God has entrusted us (as the Church) to be lighthouse keepers, especially at the end of this age. We are to steer perishing sinners into the God-given safe haven. So make sure you show your brilliance by embracing the work that God has called us to do. If ever you were needed, it is now.

For more signs of the end times, see 2 Pet. 3:3.

2 Timothy 3:1 But know this, that tin the last days tperilous times will come…

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2 Responses to Prophecy being fulfilled today.

  1. Tony says:

    Thank you brother.

  2. Cathy Rockstrom says:

    I just want to tell you thank you.

    You probably do not want to hear this but you are an inspiration to me. I have been watching your show, (Way of the Master) various YouTube videos, and various other productions and follow you on Twitter. Every time I am about to share the gospel I think of how calm you are and it calms me and helps me focus. I also want to thank you for your Evidence Bible! I love it!! In fact, this payday I’ll be purchasing a couple more to give to a couple of loved ones I’ve helped guide back to Jesus, as I know your Evidence Bible will help them to grow in their faith and in having the confidence in sharing the gospel with others!

    Thank you and God bless you!!!

    Cathy Rockstrom
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