What have I done?

See Jeremiah 8:12. This gives a picture of true contrition. Those who recognize how abominable their sin is in God’s eyes will be broken and will humbly say, “What have I done?” (see v. 6). While modern evangelism often goes to great lengths to avoid even hinting at “shame,” note that shame is a correct response to sinning against a holy God. See also James 4:9,10.

Jeremiah 8:12 Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? No! They were not at all ashamed, Nor did they know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; In the time of their punishment They shall be cast down, says the Lord.

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One Response to What have I done?

  1. Copperquilting says:

    You are right. I had to be brokely lost before I could be gloriously saved.

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