Before we win souls…

“Now concerning the salvation of our fellow-men; we shall never compass it unless our eyes look right on and our eyelids straight before us. Before we win souls we must live for souls. We need men and women who live to convert others to Christ. The minister had better quit his pulpit if it be not his one burning desire to bring hearts to Jesus’ feet. If a divine impulse be not upon him driving him to seek the souls of men, let him go elsewhere with his windy periods. Professors have little right to be in Christ’s church unless they are passionately in earnest to increase his kingdom by the salvation of their fellow-men. O my brothers and sisters on whom is the blood-mark of redemption, I charge you concerning this matter to “let your eyes look right on and let your eyelids look straight before you”! Seek souls as dogs hunt their game; eye, nostril, ear all open, and every muscle strained. Converts are not gained by dreamers. We cannot imitate Jesus as a Savior of men by being dull and heartless. In any point in which we follow our Lord let us do it with all our soul.” Charles Spurgeon 

Proverbs 4:25 Let your eyes look straight ahead, And your eyelids look right before you.

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3 Responses to Before we win souls…

  1. John Maxwell says:

    ‘Be seeding not sitting!’ I came to the Lord in the Marines in Viet Nam and became a deputy Marshal when I got out. Before becoming a deputy I worked as at juvenile hall in San Bernardino. We had a 15 year old kid come into the hall who was a total addict and had his nose bit off in a fight. All the staff said he would never live to see 21. I shared the Lord with him. This was in the 70’s. About a year ago I got a call from him in Arizona and he thanked me for sharing Gods Word with him. He is the pastor at Victory Outreach in Arizona. I’m not bragging on myself I just want to encourage believers o be sowing seeds for the Lord. The church needs to be on the streets daily wherever the Lord leads you!

  2. Robert Gross says:

    There is no life after death. Initially Thomas Edison got it right when he said: “Religion is bunk!”

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