Bound for heaven?

“Alas, alas, God’s ‘way of salvation’ is almost entirely unknown today, the nature of Christ’s salvation is almost universally misunderstood, and the terms of His salvation misrepresented on every hand. The ‘Gospel’ which is now being proclaimed is, in nine cases out of every ten, but a perversion of the Truth, and tens of thousands, assured they are bound for heaven, are now hastening to hell as fast as time can take them…

“Unless God is pleased to grant a real revival, it will not be long ere ‘the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people’ (Isa. 60:2), for the light of the true Gospel is rapidly disappearing…Those preachers who tell sinners that they may be saved without forsaking their idols, without repenting, without surrendering to the Lordship of Christ, are as erroneous and dangerous as others who insist that salvation is by works, and that heaven must be earned by our own efforts!” A. W. Pink

Isaiah 60:2 For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you.

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2 Responses to Bound for heaven?

  1. Allan Mclean says:

    Interesting you use Pinks writings, a person who denies the Jews as having any special place in Gods plan anymore, & cast away as a nation forever & ever. One who also taught along with Calvin & Constantine, that God created many with no hope of salvation & that they were created to be damned” Who would call such a God a God of love? How could anyone reading the bible not see that concept is a lie of the devil? Then how can you use such a writer, who though dead,only lately has become popular in certain circles.Those who ignore all the promises He made to Israel, should read the many passages in the OT & NT again…interestingly Pink who talks about surrendering to the Lordship of Christ, contorts plain scripture & ignores many others to defend his nonbiblical & catholic view of Israel, claiming that God is done with the Jew. Well He isn’t done with the Jew & He isn’t done with sinners. Replacing Israel with the church which writers like Pink do, means I have little use for his words or those who would depend on them to support their own position.
    Whatever happened to the left behind Hal Lindsay boys? I love your 180 movie & Alicia , why are you heading down a path with writers like him.
    Why tell a drowning man to start swimming before you will throw out the lifeline? A drowning man grabs the lifeline not caring what may happen after he is rescued, he only desires to be saved. Expecting a baby to understand all that is involved in the walk of faith prior to exercising that faith is just adding to the plain gospel. What if many so called “conversions” are not up to your standards? It is not your job to throw the fish back, the angels will sort out the good & the bad, your job is to keep on fishing. When did Jesus tell the woman caught in adultery”neither do I condemn thee” before or after he told her , “go & sin no more”. Afterwards! Jesus saves & forgives us first, then teaches us how we aught to behave. You know that already!! Why make a dividing line between words which Christ used, such as believe, come, drink, eat, hear & open, repent, faith, turn. All these words carried the implicit/explicit concept of a change in heart attitude towards Christ, of repenting, turning, believing. So why stress one so much that you negate the others as not as valid for salvation.
    I appreciate “The way of the Master so much.. please stay away from Calvinists like PInk please.

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