“… it’s not safe to die.”

Omni magazine (March 1985) reported a study by Dr. Maurice Rawlings (at the time a devout atheist), cardiologist and professor of medicine at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Chattanooga and author of the book To Hell and Back. He and his emergency room colleagues are constantly treating such cases. It is now standard that those who have near-death experiences later speak of having experiences of light, lush green meadows, rows of smiling relatives, and tremendous peace. However, in his study (also reported in his book Beyond Death’s Door), Dr. Rawlings obtained new information by interviewing patients immediately after resuscitation while they are still too shaken to deny where they have been. Nearly 50 percent of the group of 300 interviewed reported lakes of fire and brimstone, devil-like figures, and other sights hailing from the darkness of hell. He says they later change their story because most people are simply ashamed to admit they have been to hell; they won’t even admit it to their families. Concludes Dr. Rawlings, “Just listening to these patients has changed my whole life. There’s a life after death, and if I don’t know where I’m going, it’s not safe to die.”

Job 14:10 But man dies and is laid away,

Indeed he breathes his last

And where is he?

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