“What is the actual purpose for existence?”

The Christian has a unique knowledge that is foreign to this world. The next time you witness to a professing atheist ask, “What is the purpose for humanity’s existence?” He will more than likely say that we are here to strive for happiness. Say, “That’s what you do while you are here, but what is the actual purpose for existence?” You know that you exist to love God and enjoy Him forever, but the world sees no logical reason to exist. That is a good and humbling realization for an unsaved person to come to: that without God, he is utterly lost with no rhyme or reason for his existence.

Daniel 2:23 “I thank You and praise You,

O God of my fathers; You have given me wisdom and might, And have now made known to me what we asked of You, For You have made known to us the king’s demand.”

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