About The Evidence Bible

The Evidence Bible. All you need to understand and defend your faith.

New King James Version. Includes a Concordance, Topical Subheads, and the Words of Jesus in red. Hardcover.

How do you respond when a coworker labels you intolerant for believing Jesus is the only way to God? How would you answer those who claim the Bible is filled with contradictions, or there is no absolute truth?

Newly revised and expanded, The Evidence Bible arms you not just with apologetic information to refute the arguments of skeptics, but with practical training on how to effectively and lovingly share the truth.

  • Discover answers to over 200 questions such as: Why is their suffering? How could a loving God send people to hell? What about those who never hear of Jesus?
  • In addition to thousands of verse-related comments, over 130 informative articles will help you better comprehend and communicate the Christian faith.
  • Over two dozen articles on evolution will thoroughly prepare you to refute the theory.
  • Scientific facts written thousands of years before man discovered them.
  • Dozens of articles on other religions will help you understand and address the beliefs of Mormons, Hindus, Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, cults, etc.
  • Amazing quotes about God and the Bible from celebrated scientists.
  • Hundreds of inspiring quotes from renowned Christian leaders and practical tips on defending your faith will greatly encourage and equip you.The Evidence Bible provides powerful and compelling evidence that will enrich your trust in God and His Word, deepen your love for the truth, and enable you to radically impact those you care about.”The Evidence Bible is filled with excellent apologetic tools and insights to help Christians reason with those who need to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I highly recommend it.” –Norman Geisler

    In a day when Christians are too often silenced by the questions of skeptics, The Evidence Bible will help you be prepared to give an answer. Compiled by seasoned evangelist Ray Comfort, its innovative format makes it especially easy to use. You’ll find it to be an invaluable tool for becoming a more effective witness.” –Franklin Graham

    “The Evidence Bible is specifically designed to reinforce the faith of our times by offering hard evidence and scientific proof for the thinking mind.” –D. James Kennedy

    “The Evidence Bible is a handy tool for anyone interested in proving the reliability of Scripture, the deity of Jesus Christ, and the incredible offer of our eternal salvation. It makes the defense of Scripture easily understood and should be read by all serious Bible students.” –Tim LaHaye

    The Evidence Bible is a reservoir overflowing with powerful quotes from famous people, amazing anecdotes, sobering last words, informative charts, and a wealth of irrefutable evidence to equip, encourage, and enlighten you, like nothing else could. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.” –Kirk Cameron

    In our modern scientific age when God’s Word is coming under increasing attack, Christians need to be equipped with answers to defend the reliability of the Bible from its very first verse. I thank God for resources like The Evidence Bibleand am glad to have had a small part in it.” –Ken Ham

    “The Evidence Bible will certainly assist you to always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks to give the reason for the hope that you have.” –Josh McDowell

    Available at LivingWaters.com

26 Responses to About The Evidence Bible

  1. ben malcom says:

    does the evidence bible come in king james version ?

  2. Elder Dale says:

    Will the NKJV Evidence Bible have the highlighted and bold print verses for memorization and meditation as in the previous Evidence Bible? Also, when will the new one be released?

  3. Bridget says:

    @ Brother Malcom,
    The original Evidence Bible is what they call, “Comfortable King James.” Essentially, it is KJV, but the only difference is that the “thee’s, thou’s & ye’s” have been changed to modern pronouns, and the “eth’s” have been changed to the modern “s” (believeth=believes). That’s all. Everything else is identical! My pastor and his church is KJV only, and when he reads his KJV aloud from the pulpit every Sunday, I’ve been comparing them diligently for the last 3-4 years. I don’t think that you would be disappointed.

    • Randy says:

      Everything in the nkjv is not identical to the kjv (authorized version). Compare for yourself.

      • Hi Randy,
        Thank you for your reply. When I made my comment above to brother Malcolm, I was not referring to the New King James Version of the Evidence Bible. I was talking about the “Comfortable” King James Version. (Basically Ray Comfort’s own translation). The only thing he changed was the archaic pronouns (thee, thou, and ye) to modern ones, and the “th” endings were changed to the “s” endings. That’s all.
        I’m aware of the differences between the old KJV and the NKJV. Thank you.

  4. Gloria Robles says:

    So is this just a bible companion, or is it an actual bible with all the evidence listed above included.

  5. bryan gordon says:

    is the new evidence bible the same as the old one?

  6. Bridget says:

    Gloria, The Evidence Bible is an actual Bible with all of the evidence included.

  7. When the Evidence KJV (The COMFORTable version) Bible first came out, I had never seen anything like it then, or since! Ray has a gift of communication, which is not just perfect theology, but a regular guy’s way of comprehending these amazing Truths of God! I have a writer friend from New Zealand who has the same gift…and she is a farmer! There is something about New Zealand…call it “The Way of the Master” if thou willest! My son now has appropriated Ray’s Evidence Bible unto himself!! BOOOYAH!

  8. I wish I had it in electronic form for either of my iPad Bible apps. I use the Laridian Pocket Bible App and the Olive Tree Study Bible App. At over three inches thick it’s very heavy compared to my iPad. Another advantage to an electronic Bible is the search ability of software!

  9. Peter Majoor says:

    will the evidence bible also be available in Spanish? I´d like to buy several. If you could let me know, thanks in advance, P Majoor

  10. Larry Patterson says:

    Dear Ray-
    I have just finished reading, “Nonsense From The Bible”, by Brian Baker and Origins of Christianity by D.M. Murdock. Both books are available from Amazon. There are also about a dozen or more books by various Bible scholars that debunk the Bible and even your book.
    The Bible is not a book that intelligent people should take seriously. In fact, Christianity is not a religion that most intelligent people should associate with either. Christianity is merely a patchwork of myths borrowed from earlier religions. Even today people are gullible and will believe anything; a new religion is born every month!

    • Micki says:

      My dear Larry, I am sure you are just as sincere in your belief as we believers of THE WAY are in the bible and the Holy Spirit of God. Where does this leave us? I am just as sad for you as you may be for us, or I am likely more sad for you. I am thankful to be simple enough not to be confounded as the wise are. Don’t be insulted please, but my heart hurts for you. You can’t make me NOT mention your name in my prayers tonight. Please Lord, remove what is keeping Larry from You. Let him be still in the night and feel your presence, let him come Lord. Amen

      • Jimmy says:

        My Dear Micki, you do know that double-blind trials into the efficacy of prayer as a tool for healing the sick found that there were two outcomes. For the first group it was found that Prayer alone did not heal or improve the outcomes for those being prayed for. So no benefit from prayer. For the second group it was found that the knowledge that they were ‘being prayed for’ and in the absence of any improvement in their condition actually had negative outcomes for the recipient of the prayers. They were stressed and ashamed that they couldnt channel the ‘power of prayer’ to get better. So worse than no benefit from prayer, praying was found to worsen their condition. Now i’m sure you’ll say that the Lord works in mysterious ways, which is just cover for “we’ll claim credit for when it works, but when it doesnt….oh well that’s just the Lord doing what the Lord does….”.

        By the way, please pray for me tonight as well, so that the Lord can creep into my bedroom when i’m still in the night and let him feel me….or am i meant to be feeling him…..? It’s all so confusing…..and stalker-like…..

      • Dave says:

        My dear Micki,

        I think what’s keeping Larry (and a lot of other people) from following your God is an apparent lack of evidence that stands up to any kind of serious, intelligent scrutiny. If you could provide some form of evidence for your God claim, there would be far fewer non-believers. Most atheists just want some evidence.

        By the way, wise people aren’t ‘confounded’ in the way you seem to think that they are. They’re generally quite happy, though they do sometimes have negative feelings about the ridiculous things that religious people think/say/do. I’m really not sure why you think that being ‘wise’ is such a negative thing… unless you see knowledge as being a barrier to manipulating and controlling people. I’m guessing that you just love the gullible… but that doesn’t seem very moral to me.

        Please feel free to pray for us. I might talk to my dog about you. I expect the same results.

    • Steve Richards says:

      Larry, every religion in the world is false. They are all fake. And none of those religions lead to God. What is not fake – is if you believe the one true God. Everyone who believes God and believes His word, is not a religious person in the sense you use the word.

      I’m a born again believer, and I have a testimony to share. But I don’t share it with people who reject God, hate God, or say they don’t believe in God – except in person.

      I have found that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him do – anything.

      God knows you better than you do. And he can read your mind, your heart, and your intentions. If you really are seeking Him, he will not hold back revealing Himself to you.

      All you need to do is acknowledge that you believe in a God, and you don’t know what to believe about God. Ask God to open your mind and your eyes to the truth of his word, and to the truth of our reality.

      And get prepared for the wildest ride of your life!

      God is good!

    • Sandy says:

      Well don’t wake up Paul the apostle or James or Peter or all of those who layed
      down there very lives for the Good News of Jesus Christ. They will never regret what they did for the Almighty, will you have regrets about not knowing him and rejecting this gospel? The Bible says there will be weeping.

      • Dave says:

        The bible also claims that Jesus would return before some of the people watching his crucifixion had died. I’ve not heard of any 2000 year old people walking around, so I guess the bible is wrong about things. It’s wrong about quite a lot, actually. Your problem, not mine!

  11. David Opadiran says:


  12. Is “Comfort-able” version still available for purchase? I borrowed it to one friend and forgot which one…

  13. Przemyslaw Komsta says:

    Is the Comfort-able version still available for purchase? I lend it to one friend and forgot which one it was..

    • Dave says:

      Can’t you just read any bible? Aren’t they all supposed to be the same? Isn’t god’s word supposed to be unchanging?

  14. Greg Alvarado says:

    I love your evangelism techniques. We should ALL be sharing the Gospel and making disciples.
    Thank you,
    Greg <

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