“Will all Jews will go to hell if they don’t accept Jesus as the Messiah?”

Some people argue that Jews do not need to be saved because they are already “God’s chosen people.” But the fact that they were chosen as a nation to glorify God does not mean that individuals Jewish people are saved.

Jews, like all of humanity, are commanded to repent and trust the Savior (Acts 2:38), and warned that if they don’t repent, they will perish (Luke 13:3). Jesus, who was Jewish (see John 4:9), is the promised Jewish Messiah (see John 4:25,26). The disciples were Jewish. Christianity was birthed in the land of the Jews. The first three thousand converts to Christianity were Jews (see Acts 2:41), as well as the next two thousand (see Acts 4:4). The apostle Paul was Jewish (see Acts 23:6), commissioned to testify to Jews about their need for “repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ” (see Acts 20:21). The God of Israel (the Jews) made sure the gospel was offered to the Jews first, before the Gentiles (see Rom. 1:16).

God offers eternal life to all humanity, whether Jew or Gentile, “red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in His sight.” Whoever believes in Jesus should not perish but have eternal life (see John 3:15). If anyone ends up in hell it will not be because of their ethnicity or their color, but because of their sin. Rapists, murderers, thieves, liars, blasphemers, adulterers, etc., will get exactly what they deserve, and if Jews die in their sins, their Jewish heritage will not save them from the justice of a holy God. Only the blood of Jesus of Nazareth, the God-given Jewish Messiah, can do that.

Romans 10:1 Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they may be saved.

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  1. esperanza says:

    But you can’t be a Jew and believe that Christ was who Christians believe him to be. The Jews believe Christ was a prophet or preacher, but NOT the son of God. Christians believe he was the son of God and that in order to go to heaven one must believe this about him. In order for a Jew to be “saved” they must therefore stop being a Jew and become a Christian. One cannot be both. One religion believes this important person to be the son of God and the only way to salvation, the other does not. So for a Jew to go to heaven, he must turn his back on his own religion (the religion/people that is supposed to have been “chosen” by God, by the way) and accept something different.
    I find the whole thing ridiculous. Almost every religion out there — and there are THOUSANDS — believe their ideas to be the only truth and everyone else is wrong. This is ridiculous. Not everyone can be right. Everyone can, however, be completely wrong. I was raised a Christian, and I struggled for years with doubt, guilt, and confusion, and constantly had to argue against my own rational thinking just to continue to be “faithful”, because once I started actually looking at things objectively, I realized how stupid the whole thing was. Christians always claim the Bible to be the foundation of our morals, standards, and way of life. Well, if that’s the case it’s no wonder there’s so much murder, rape, and abuse in the world. The Bible, especially the Old Testament, is FULL of stories of rape, murder, ritual slaughter, forced marriage, and a long list of other terrible crimes, and they are ordered or carried out by God and/or his followers. If these same stories were written as modern-day news reports, everyone would vilify them, horrified at such atrocities. And yet, because it was written in something that we have all been “told” was written by or directed by God, we not only accept it but glorify it! This appalls me!!
    I am not an atheist. However, I cannot believe in a God as the Christians think of him. Or the Jews. Or the Muslims. Or any of them. And I know one thing for sure: if God does exist as he has been portrayed, and he willingly made a species of intelligent beings and then tortured and murdered them, then set up a system in which no one can go to “heaven” unless they believe a specific thing, and if they don’t believe that specific thing, they will be damned to an eternity of hellfire and anguish, I want nothing to do with that being, because it is not holy, it’s evil!

    • Rose Angel says:

      There is only one thing everyone on Earth can do to get to heaven. That is to except Jesus as their personal Saviour. OR go to hell. Simple. No matter what religion you are. It is the same for all.

      • esperanza says:

        No matter what religion you are? That makes no sense. So you’re saying you don’t mind of someone’s a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or a Scientologist, as long as they believe in Jesus?? Please tell me that is not what you’re trying to say.

      • How does one except Jesus?

      • Jenjen says:

        I understand what you’re trying to say. But, explicitly speaking, one cannot claim to love Jesus; yet, follows a religion that goes against His Word (the Bible).

      • Stephen says:

        It’s a typical christian belief. Since there are over 39,000 different christian churches (i don’t mean buildings, i mean different churches in terms of their beliefs) there is no way to sort out all the arguments they have between each other. There is only one Jewish faith, one Muslim faith, one Buddhist faith, and so on. But there are over 39,000 different christian faiths and yes they many times say if you don’t believe ‘our’ church teachings, you will go to hell. What a bunch of illiterates and ignorant people they must be?
        Even Jesus explained who is who. He was asked about non Jews and if they could have eternal life after their earthly death. He referred to them as ‘gentiles’ not Christians, so even Jesus did not recognize christian belief systems while he was on earth. He said we were either Jews or Gentiles and that even gentiles could expect to earn life after death if they were good people.
        What about all the millions of people that came and went before Jesus? Do you really think God would turn his back on these people just because they came before Jesus? Do you really think he would turn his back on his Chosen People? Come on, that’s just Christianity playing power games on the masses and nothing else. Muslim teachings do the same. The Jews don’t. They don’t challenge anyone’s ability to make it to Gods arms after they pass this life. They don’t judge others as others have judged Jews.
        I was raised a catholic, but caught on to the fluff and lies and pedophiles around 40.
        I’m a believer in GOD, I accept Jesus as his son, I am a child of GOD, I am male, so I am a son of GOD, Jesus is my Big Brother, and GOD is my DAD. I refer to them like this with great respect, but I always feel I am in their family, I am a child of GOD.
        God will judge me on my actions, not my religious belief, otherwise he would have noted such in the Hebrew Word (what Christians call the old testament), and He didn’t.
        Christians have gotten all screwed up and selfish and self-righteous and this will come back to haunt them. It is said in the ‘bible’ “Judge not, least ye be judged yourself”.
        Now square that with your christian beliefs and remember, GOD will judge you and I equally, not based on our religion, but on our actions (good and bad) here on earth.
        We have a lot of space on this earth to accept others choice to believe what they want and not to judge them. We, none of us, have that much knowledge or wisdom to ‘judge for GOD” it’s His job, not the job of Christians.

      • Brian says:

        If there is no God, you will never know it and you won’t feel a thing, because it won’t matter right? If there IS a God and you don’t believe, then you WILL ABSOLUTELY know it….and you WILL feel it.
        What you are experiencing is the HUMAN condition. It is filled with choices and chances to lose faith.
        You can find strength from Jesus…..not from yourself.
        BTW: St. Peter… in whom Jesus
        founded HIS church… and the first Bishop….was a converted

    • Ellisha says:

      Before you leave this earth you will see JESUS face and you will know GOD is real. Just wait and see..

    • Thomas says:

      Wow! I didn’t realize someone could be so confused. Surely “there is a way which seems right unto man and the way is the way of death”, but to sequence your logic, we’d have to see ANY of the Apostles or even Jesus himself, deny their titleship as God’s people, the jews. They separated themselves from the Judaizer’s, and they separated themselves from the Law… but they espoused the richness of their past. Paul himself referred to Christians as being engrafted. Engrafted into what, if not the family called the jews. Silly, silly Esperanza.

    • Stoshy says:

      Christianity was founded by Judaism and Christ’s sacrifice. I don’t view it as turning against one’s religion, rather continuing it. Another chapter to the glory of God! Evidence of Christ has been revealed since the beginning.

      Jews are still waiting for the Messiah.
      Christians are waiting for the Messiah to return.

      • cvrtscoggs07@aol.com says:

        Jesus is not a “big brother”. He is Hashem in the flesh. He is God. He is the “Husband” of the Bride (The church, His people). Christ was clear that He did not come to abolish the Old testament, but fulfill it. His words. The Jews are looking for the Antichrist and will find Him.

      • Jerry T says:

        Actually the opposite is true. Jews await the messiah. The one who Jeremiah says will usher in the new covenant in which all humans will know God, no one will need to preach Hus word and peace on earth will reign.

        However – Christians who rely on Revelations will likely not recognize the messiah and mistake him for this false concept of an “anti-Messiah “. Even today many such Christians voice fear rather than praise for Jeremiah’s vision. They stand against the world coming together under Gd as he prophesized and fall into the pit of numerology (666) fears etc.

    • Stephen says:

      What’s more important? What God thinks or what any man made religion thinks? Pretty easy decision to make if one indeed believes in God. Otherwise, it just doesn’t matter.

      • Jerry T says:

        U are correct Stephan. Christianity is a man made belief and it is more important that Gd – as made clear in the “old testament” rejects most of its fundamental ideas

    • nyasidcofski says:

      Well jews can be saved if they stop censuring jesus and stop global scale usury and stop exerting genocide on palestinians and stop provoking wars everywhere and getting profit from it. I am a chinese and I am budhist and dont believe jesus not to mention one god but I believe people who do evil things shall pay here in the human world or in afterworld. I suppose jews shall be born as pigs in next world and be slaughtered just like the way they did to defenseless children and women of arabs and palestians.

      • nyasidcofski says:

        It is a real pity that usa citizens shed blood for causeless and heinous warcrime dragged and led by jewish bankers and leaders who guise themselves as americans. Usa people are forced to pay israel money to carry on genocide which is directly against american interest. Our china and russia are getting stronger every year while usa is being sucked of her blood by jewish war campaign so in near future u may face the fallofamericanempire. Do u think jews will help u in time of fall? No way. When ship sinks rats run when animal dies parasite flees which is the same with jews. White americans are discriminated against to jews even when they go to college so why say more.

      • Jerry T says:

        Wow. So much bigotry in your heart. Repent

      • Jerry T says:

        Your bigotry is deeply rooted.

    • You have been brainwashed by Satan just the same as with almost the whole entire world.
      This is exactly how the devil keeps everyone away from the truth of the salvation of Jesus. God is a just God of love & mercifulness, Holy & as perfect as can be, His ways cannot be understood by our human minds. God came down from Heaven in human form as Jesus & He came down to be with us face to face to offer His truth of salvation to believe in Him because this world was already damned by Satan & mans disobeying God in the first place, but this is why Jesus came, to save us from death & the evils of the world which the end result will be eternal damnation. God came down & offered His love of eternal salvation in human form, if people reject this Holy pure love, then you automatically have condemned yourself to hell. That’s just the way it is. God is pure love, but if you reject this pure love then God will not force you into His love of eternity & the other only option left is hell, where it was originally created only for Satan & his fallen angels, but since mans heart is wicked & hard hearted wanting to do whatever he wants, then this is the price you will pay when you die. Why choose eternal suffering when you can have God´s love & be with Him forever? God is Holy & pure, the world is contrary to that with evil wicked hardened hearts, & they rather continue to live in that way then to choose the reality of why we where created in the first place by God which is to be Holy like Him, but man rather chooses to live his own way, by his own laws & do whatever he feels is best for him. Even if you are the nicest, good hearted person in the world but reject the Holiness of God, then you are filthy rags & evil & wicked in God´s ways & understanding. Satan has brainwashed almost the entire world from becoming Holy like God, that was his plan from the very first day of creation, this is why God Himself came down from Heaven as Jesus, to tell us the truth & to save us from being brainwashed by Satan. God leaves you 2 options, to be saved or not to be saved. God bless you I wish the best for you & I do hope you can be saved also in Jesus name & take the holy life of eternity rather then the pleasures of this temporary evil do it your way life style & live for only a short time. God bless you my friend in Jesus name.

    • Btw what’s your concept about “holy”?
      Please, help me to understand your phrase: “… because it is not holy, it’s evil!”

  2. Darryl says:

    It’s ok esperanza. You will just have to glorify God by burning in hell for eternity. Oh… and I agree with the article. The Jews will burn in hell for not believing in Jesus. It is as simple as that.

    • esperanza says:

      Enjoy your continued life of holier-than-thou, self-important hypocrisy. Trust me, I’d rather burn in hell than spend eternity with people like you.

      • Robert Miodovski says:

        After just one minute in hell, you will have wished that you had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ, but then it will be too late and there will be no turning back. What you say is sheer foolishness. No one in their right mind would want to go to hell willingly. Heaven with Jesus for all eternity is so much more glorious and rewarding. Your faith is very, very weak.

      • esperanza says:

        Robert, my faith is not very weak. It is non-existent. That’s kind of the point. I DON’T BELIEVE in a god, at least not in the sense you do. And for your information, if you’d read my first post, you would know I used to be a Christian. I accepted Christ and all that stuff years ago. It’s only in the last few years that I’ve realized what rubbish it is.
        Now, if you want to believe that some all-knowing being created man, knowing every thought, decision, and action every person would ever have or do, knowing that millions and millions would not believe in him or follow his rules, but he made them anyway, knowing that by his own rules they’d spend eternity in hell, and he made them anyway…you can go ahead and believe that. Fine. Now, if you want to tell me that any being that would do something so evil is worth your worship, I think you’re insane. Knowingly making creatures that you will sentence to an eternity of torment is not an act of love, it’s an act of evil.
        And then of course you have all the acts of pure evil carried out or sanctioned by God in the Bible. And yet people read it with reverence and worship this monster, following a book that is so full of inconsistencies and lies, it’s unbelievable! If you want to follow all that, you go ahead. It’s your right, and I respect it. But have the respect not to tell me that if I don’t follow what you believe, I’m going to hell. I hear that crap from Christians all the time. And you know what’s funny? Depending on the flavor of Christianity they follow, you can be told you’ll go to hell for one thing but not another, and the next group with say the opposite. So, even if I were to decide to be a Christian again, which flavor should I become? Hmmmm? Yours? Your neighbors?
        Enjoy your faith. I hope it makes you happy. I truly do.
        Just please respect other people’s beliefs as well.

      • Merrijo says:

        Esperanza…you can’t possibly mean that because it would appear that no one has guided you through properly “The Way of Salvation” and “The Sinner’s Prayer”…There is till hope for your eternal life and I will pray for you to have a Heart pierced by “The Holy Spirit” and the Holy Spirit will show you and remove the scales from your eyes…Hell is not for you or anyone that’s why Jesus tore his flesh and bled…a perfect lamb who laid it all down for you because he loves you so much….Has there ever been anyone in this life that you can say has loved you to that degree and before you were even aware of it….You are loved and prayed for…Jesus wants you to be in heaven with Him He loves you that much….Hell is not a joking matter and neither is your eternal existence but it’s not enough to say “I believe” in Jesus … You must allow Him into your Heart ❤

      • Esperanza says:

        Merrijo, I DO mean that. And I say it with no fear whatsoever because I do not believe in hell. And trying to scare someone who doesn’t believe in hell with the threat of hell is like trying to frighten someone who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus with the threat that the head jolly elf isn’t going to bring them any presents this year! With all due respect, you cannot frighten someone with the prospect of something they do not believe in.
        Second of all, although I’m sure your thoughts come only with good intentions, please understand that it is somewhat presumptuous to say that no one has guided me through the way to salvation, etc. I am constantly running into Christians whom assume that because I am not a Christian that I “have always been lost!” Etc., etc. And that they must show me the way to the truth and pray for my soul. I actually find that attitude to be extremely arrogant. I DO NOT consider myself an atheist. I do not deny the possibility of powers/things beyond our physical world. However, I am also not a Christian. Nor do I hold with any other religion. I WAS, however, a Christian. I was raised in an extremely Christian home. My grandparents were missionaries. And I considered myself a Christian until I was 30 years old.
        I had had many doubts and questions over the years that I had not even allowed myself to ask or explore because I had been raised with the ridiculous idea that to question ANYTHING that had to do with God or the Bible was a sin. Wow, isn’t THAT a fantastic way to keep people controlled? It’s worked for thousands of years, and it certainly worked with me.
        Finally (and thankfully!), I got the courage to actually sit down and allow myself to ask the questions I had and to look and read the Bible myself. And when I did, it became blatantly obvious that it was all complete rubbish. The Bible is full of more inaccuracies, lies, scientific impossibilities, and evil than any other book in the world. And yet people believe it, don’t question it, and teach it to their children. It is truly amazing to me that I was so gullible for so many years and that so many others continue to be. But I also realize that it all stems from fear. Fear of death. Fear of the unknown. People hold onto it because they simply MUST believe that something wonderful happens when you die. Fine, believe that. But what I don’t get is the idea that those who don’t believe what you believe are going to burn for eternity in some fire-y pit. And you WORSHIP a being that you claim created such a place for those who committed the simple sin of not believing some invisible being made the world and everyone on it (for many believers, in 6 short days), and let his son be tortured and murdered for us. You WORSHIP a god that ordered and supported the murder, rape, torture, and enslavement of millions of people. You WORSHIP this being! I do not comprehend how anyone can worship a being that would do that. If it wasn’t in your Bible, you would condemn it! Oh, and if you deny any of the things I’ve said about the evil of your God’s actions, I’ll gladly send you a list of passages from the Bible to prove it. It’s THERE for anyone to see! And yet Christians deny it, push it aside, or completely ignore it, so they can continue to worship their holy monster. Amazing!
        So anyway, Merrijo, thank you for your concern, but I do not want my heart “pierced by the holy spirit” or with anything else for that matter. I do not have scales over my eyes. Actually, since I gave up the whole religion junk, I’ve seen things clearly for the first time in my life.
        If your faith brings you peace and makes you a better person, go for it. I do not believe in denying anyone’s right to believe what they want or live their lives however they choose. Just please respect my belief as well. And my belief is that no “God” would ever do the things the Christian god has done. And if He/It did, I would certainly not worship it.
        I wish you all the best.

      • Merijo says:

        Dear Friend,

        It is not I, Us, or Them that do the work of changing hearts…or guiding us through truth…It is the work of the Holy Spirit by way of Jesus’ shed blood and torn flesh that we can even begin to move or come to the Father…For it is what Jesus did at the Cross that bridges the gap for All mankind…forgive me for my arrogance…I was pierced by the power of God’s saving grace…His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide me…I am but dust…a mere human who cannot do anything to save myself….So I say with the love of the spirit..there is certainly enough hatred and arrogance to go around in this fallen world…so I say to you with Love, Esperanza…give God a chance…He loves you so much and wants you there with Him…so I pray you will come to trust in HIm because I want you there too…Blessings, Merijo

      • Merijo says:

        One might imagine what the real question is here for you Esperanza…how did you come to not believe in Hell and what caused you such pain and disappointment in this life to catapult you into such an existence of agitation, resistance and denial?…I would begin from the beginning and read about how God did not cause the world to collapse … it is fallen due to our negligence and disobediant act in the garden that God entrusted us with…we are but dust and mere human but we are not robots…God cannot have a relationship with a robot so he took it a step further and granted us FREE WILL…When tragedy strikes everyone is so quick to blame God…We live in a sin state because of what our forefathers began…so God had to correct our mistake and shed blood is the only way to wash away sin…so then God gave up his only son to be the perfect sheep and Jesus willingly went to the cross … the lamb of God to be slaughtered…How can you no believe in Love? Ditch Santa and start here….Blessings Merijo

      • esperanza says:

        I am aware that trying to have a rational discussion with “believers” is pointless, however, I’m in the mood to respond. Merijo, I find your response to me to be ultimately arrogant. You took my statement about not believing in hell and came to the erroneous and enormous assumption that I do not believe in love and that I am in pain or disappointed with life. I said no such thing, nor did any of my statements suggest such a thing. I believe strongly in love. My love of life and family is paramount in my daily existence. I do not believe in hell simply because I see it as a ridiculous idea. I do not believe in and cannot love and worship a being that would create such a place to begin with, not to mention send millions upon millions of souls there simply because they did not believe a certain thing.

        Free will? Yes, I believe in free will, but not as something given by a god. It is simply something humans possess, being intelligent, thinking creatures. And it is a beautiful thing. I love life. I love MY life. I love my family. I am grateful every single day that I wake up for having another day on this beautiful planet. And I am not one of those that blames god every time some tragedy occurs. I cannot place blame on someone I do not believe in. I am not in pain. I am quite happy and content. In fact, much happier and more content than many, many of the Christians I know. One does not need god to be happy. In fact, when I considered myself a Christian, I was very unhappy. I hated the attitude of fellow Christians around me, the one that has been displayed here on this forum so many times, that non-believers were lost or stupid or searching and that only Christians had “the truth.” I have always found that exclusionary attitude to be extremely arrogant and short-sighted. So anyone who doesn’t believe what you believe is an idiot. That is the ultimate arrogance!

        As I said before, I was raised a Christian and considered myself such for 30 years. I read and studied the bible daily, because that’s what was expected, and I believed it to be the correct, necessary thing to do. However, I eventually had to admit to myself that it did not make sense. None of it did. There are more irrational ideas, inconsistencies, and total impossibilities in it than any other book I’ve read. It’s a book whose entire proof is reliant upon itself rather than other texts and accounts. And that’s even before you address all the evil atrocities sanctioned or ordered by god himself. Perhaps you can make excuses for those things or brush them under the rug, but I cannot. If your beliefs bring you peace and make you a better person, than I’m happy for you. Pretending I believe in something I do not believe in does not bring me peace or happiness. It merely creates anxiety, stress, and anger. I do not believe in the Christian god. I do not need prayers from believers. I do not need sympathy or sarcasm or name-calling. I am happy. I do not believe in hell. And as I said, if the Christian god exists as you believe, he is not a being I could worship anyway. I do not see him as holy. I see him as an evil tyrant. You can call that blasphemy. I’m sure you will. Fine. That’s your belief. You’re welcome to it. But I cannot worship a being that sanctioned the murder, rape, torture, and enslavement of millions of people. Nor can I believe in a being that would have created a race of intelligent beings and given them the choice to believe or not, KNOWING AHEAD OF TIME that millions over the course of time would not believe and therefore be condemned to eternal torment. That is not holy or good, that is evil.

        I believe, and know for a fact in many cases, that most religious belief is based on fear. Fear of death. Fear of the unknown. That is natural. I understand it. But when you have looked at something and it makes no sense to you at all, to continue to believe in it is ridiculous. I have looked and thought and considered, and I do not believe what you believe. I cannot force myself to believe something that is thoroughly irrational to me. Ok, I’m done. I wish you nothing but happiness.

      • Don says:

        Ignorance is a terrible thing, Esperanza. You better come to your senses fast. You are obviously in denial and it’s a pity. Eternity in hell is forever … can you grasp that?

      • esperanza says:

        Trying to scare someone who does not believe in hell with threats of hell is like trying to scare someone who doesn’t believe in Santa that the head elf won’t bring them any presents. Geez, you don’t GET it. I don’t BELIEVE in hell so it doesn’t scare me. You believe in it. Fine. Enjoy.

      • esperanza says:

        By the way, ignorance goes both ways. I think believing in an invisible sky daddy who created the world in 6 days and made a race of intelligent beings so that most would be sent to eternal damnation is both ignorant and evil.

      • esperanza says:

        Also, I know what you’re response will be because I’ve received the same line from other “believers.” Just because I don’t believe in hell, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Well, guess what, just because you DO believe in it doesn’t make it exist. You can’t believe something you don’t believe!!!!

      • Andrew Ma says:

        Self-important hypocrisy, your coming to a website like this, just to argue against it, and you say: “I’d rather burn in hell than spend eternity with people like you.”

      • Hell was not made for people but for Satan and his angels,
        Lazarus and the rich man both died and the rich man went to hell and Lazarus to heaven. Hell is not a place for any human, eternal separation from love, pain that never stops, heartbreak every second, regret and guilt, horror and torment, forever is a long long time. No one is HOLY, but GOD gave a command to the JEWS. Be HOLY for I the LORD AM HOLY, GOD HIMSELF that makes people HOLY lest any man should boast. Man’s righteousness is as filthy rags before GOD.

      • Sister God bless you, you have no idea what you are saying. 15 million Americans have died & came back to life to testify about their experience of being in hell & they say hell is as real as our flesh & blood, & it is the most horrifying experience to be in. Once you are there, you cannot go out & you will be there forever in extreme fear & torment for all eternity. A never ending vicious cycle of torment, pain & suffering day & night with no rest over & over again for all eternity. The most scariest fear you have ever felt is what you will feel there. Why not just accept the pure love & salvation of Jesus & live in perfect peace love & joy for all eternity? God´s love is the most joy you can experience in all your existence, it is just incredible. God wants you to be with Him in pure love & joy like you have never felt in your whole life. Look at The Lazarus Phenomenon documentary movie on YouTube of real testimonies of people who have died & have gone to heaven & hell & you will believe. I post a lot of videos & bible texts on my fb page to convince people that Satan is brainwashing everyone away from the salvation of Jesus. Please have a look, & also Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu is a friend on my fb & you can talk to him & ask him questions because he died for 3 days & came back to life! He is one of the main people who come out in The Lazarus Phenomenon. God bless you I wish you the best & for you to enter the family of God & love forever.

    • Stoshy says:

      People always use ‘Burning in Hell’ like a threat. Believe or you burn. Both sides say this. Non-believers don’t want to hear that, believers shouldn’t be threatening that, and that is not what being a Christian is about. It is about being a follower of Christ and recognizing Him as your Lord and savior. He has warned us to repent for our sins or we will be punished, like any parent would do for their child, tell them not to do wrong or be punished. In that we have a choice to do good or do wrong. We have a choice of whether or not to accept this belief or to ignore it completely. No one should ever be guilted into believing. They have to make that choice for themselves, whether or not they want Jesus in their life. No one is perfect. Christians, don’t portray yourselves as perfect. Non-believers, don’t view Christians as perfect or wanna-be perfects. This cycle of hypocrisy continues to go round and round. No one is perfect, but the goal is to attempt to be good, do good, and follow in Jesus’s example. God is perfect and through Him all things are possible and that we may be redeemed by Him. If you do not believe in this, so be it. At least it has been shared with you so that you might have a choice. In that, it is now in your hands. God bless you all.

    • Stephen says:

      Wow Darryl, where on earth did you get your religious knowledge? It’s not in the bible, so did you just make it up and post it here? Really, where did you get that stuff.

  3. Rose Angel says:

    I am a born again Christian baptised in water fully to receive Jesus as My Saviour. I was born a JEW. God called me om 7/7/77. I am guided by God all my life. Firstly I only knew the old testiment. But God opened my eyes and my heart and now I follow my Holy Spirit every day. I see angels and I know that God is real. Jesus died for us.

    • Robert Miodovski says:

      Rose, you are so right. I, too, was born a Jew and accepted Jesus when I was 35 years old. I’m now 62 and cannot wait to be in heaven with Him. Glory to God in the highest!

  4. Rose Angel says:

    I pray for my father that he will except Jesus as his saviour. He knows what I believe. He went through hell in Aschwitz and survived. He loves God. I will keep praying for him and my son as well.

    • Miriam says:

      Strange. Why worship a god who would condemn your father to eternal torment? Do you know the concept of eternal torment is not to be found in the Torah, written or oral? HaShem is just, but He isn’t psychotic

      • esperanza says:

        Ah, Miriam, a voice of reason…I agree with you completely! I’ve been dumbfounded for a long time as to how people can willingly love and worship a god that would damn people to eternal fire and agony simply for not believing something. I ask them, as a parent, would you do anything to keep your children safe? Their answer is invariably “Yes!” Would they save them from a burning house, even if they were “bad” kids? The answer is “Of course, I’d do anything for my children, no matter what they had done!” And yet, people believe in and WORSHIP a being that says, “If you do not believe in me, if you do not follow all the things I say, I will send you into eternal damnation!” Wow, that amazes me. As I’ve said before, if that god really does exist and really is willing to do that to his “children”, he does not deserve worship or love. Quite the opposite! I want nothing to do with him!
        And I’ve had so many people come back at me and ask “Well, what if you’re wrong? Do you really want to take that chance?” That is a laughable and pathetic argument. To believe in something simply because you’re afraid NOT to believe! To claim the existence of something simply because you can’t prove it DOESN’T exist. You can believe in ANYTHING if your whole basis for belief is the fact that you can’t prove it DOESN’T exist. You can say Bigfoot and Santa Claus definitely exist, if you’re argument is that you can’t prove the don’t exist.
        I don’t have issues with people having faith. I respect EVERYONE’S faith, as long as it doesn’t lead to intolerance, prejudice, and violence. Unfortunately, from everything I’ve seen, those are exactly what religion does lead to, in many, many cases. The pages of history are liberally splashed with the blood of innocent people, all in the name of God. That I have no respect for. From any religion, at any time.
        Every religion is convinced that they’re right, and others are wrong. It’s crazy. Christians say Muslims are evil and completely wrong in their beliefs. Muslims say the same about Christians. And other religions do the same. Yes, you have people that convert from one religion to another, but most people maintain the belief in which they were raised. Because it’s what they know. Just like language. You know what you’re taught. And to say, “I am right because this is what I was taught, and you’re wrong because you were taught differently” is like saying English is the correct language because you were born in the USA, and all other languages are wrong because they’re the native language of another country. They’re different, so they must be wrong.
        People need to start living their lives according to how they should treat others. Honesty, integrity, kindness, respect. Not “My god is better than your god.”
        I know Christians who will vilify everyone of Muslim belief and talk about how bad, evil, and mislead they are. And I’ll ask them a question: “If there was a button you could push that would immediately kill every Muslim on the planet, would you push it?” It saddens and terrifies me when they respond with a “Yes.” Think about that and sleep at night!

    • Stephen says:

      It’s too bad you have not read all the bible as it is called.
      Try Hosea the Prophet
      God said to him: “I am the one. I am the only one. I am the only Savior.”
      Now square that, and it will take a specific quote from God to do so. You can’t just extrapolate your beliefs and push them on others.
      Try Amos the Prophet
      God said to him: “I will turn my back on all your prayers, hymns, celebrations, and sacrifices. All I want is a flow of justice and righteousness in my world.”
      He has just said, organized religion and all the fanfare that goes with it is not pleasing to HIM, he just wants us to be good people and treat others the same way we desire to be treated, nothing else. He does not ask us to join this religion or that religion, he just asks us to be good people. And we fail daily it seems. Even here on this blog.

  5. Martin says:

    I have seen Hell, and I’ve seen the people who created it.
    God does not need you to be a Christian or believe in Jesus to get to heaven.
    God knows who is worthy and who isn’t: not people, not preachers, priests, or any other idiot who thinks they have a hot line to eternity.
    I’m going to heaven and I know it and I don’t care what anyone says. You’re right, Esperanza, and you will be welcome there with ALL good people. The ones who won’t are the ones who condemn and ridicule the chosen ones. Let them have their misguided moment. After all, it seems they are the ones with all the fears, and it’s not surprising.


    • It is not being a good person that will make you go to Heaven, firstly no one knows where heaven is though it’s mostly said in heaven. people go out of this sphere and still do not see or go to heaven, Secondly, no one has seen GOD at any time except JESUS who is in GOD and GOD in him, Thirdly, GOD loves his people so much. But that does not change the fact that HE also Has feelings, HE feels hurt When people do wrong things. Any parent well knows this for a fact. It also hurts him when people go to Hell, HE does not delight in seeing his people go to Hell. HE never created it for humans but for the angels that rebelled against him and defiled the land and the creation of GOD. IF GOD did not love you and i the way that HE does, you and i would not even have been born. HE would have Destroyed everything a long time ago. Even when the wicked son disobeys the father, His love for the son never dies but if the son falls in the hands of the enemy, his destruction begins. HIS LOVE for the son drives HIM to Tread HIMSELF that the son may be free. For GOD so LOVED the world So much to the extent HE Gave UP HIS SON TO DIE IN OUR PLACE. THAT WE MAY LIVE

      • David says:

        Can someone explain? I have no problems with christianity, I was raised in a catholic family but learned long after I became an adult, that there were many things I was told that were just out and out lies, so I moved on. My choice. We hear Jesus is the savior and only through him will we be able to be saved. I have two questions:
        1.) I the Book of Hosea God says to this prophet, “I am the one. I am the only one. I am the only Savior.” Now who is the only Savior, God or Jesus? Jesus was a human being while on this earth and as being the son of God, he is not the same as God. Christians seem to want to believe this is true so the story works for them but in reality God is God and Jesus is Jesus and even Jesus is/was beholding to his father. So who can explain this with specific document support?
        1.) Are you really going to say that those that lived before Jesus was born will not be saved? They could have lived a very righteous life and believed in God and did everything right but were simply born before Jesus and so they cannot be saved? Either you have to be saved by Jesus or you don’t. It doesn’t work both ways. I hope God and Jesus both like me enough to save my old worn soul.

        I for one believe in Jesus as the son of God. I believe he was the literal human being son of God. I believe he was born of a woman (not a virgin but of ‘a young girl’ as the actual scriptures state she was). I believe she was impregnated (but I do not claim to know by whom) and had a child and named him Jesus. I call Jesus my big brother like many others do since we are all children of God and he came before me so he’s my big brother. It’s just something I do cause I feel we are all in a family.
        It just seems there are so many things being preached that cannot be supported by any scripture and yet people claim that they are true and that you just have to have faith. Well you can say that about anything and it doesn’t make it so. Someone could start telling people to fast for 40 days and nights once a year or you will never be clean enough to be saved, because, Jesus did it. Same thing. One person saying one thing, and one person saying another. Goes on and on and on.

  6. esperanza says:

    Wow, I see that my responses, as well as Martin’s, have been removed. I guess you don’t really want discussion or commentary that goes against your own views. Isn’t that the whole point of a forum? This is one more thing that frustrates me about so many Christians. No tolerance of differing views, which by the way is a concept that goes completely against what Jesus taught.

    • Patty Jones says:

      I think you have anger issues with God, Esperanza. I can sense your state of denial for a higher power in which you cannot justify. I do feel sorry for you. You have little faith, even in yourself. You are trying so hard to find the answers that only suit your needs. You must give your soul to your creator. Nothing about Faith is ridiculous! It all makes perfect sense! I have a peace within my soul about our miraculous existence here on Earth. I will leave this World knowing that I will return to my Creator!

      • hope_ott@hotmail.com says:

        Patty, why is it that people of faith always accuse those without a need for faith of being angry or lost? Why can they not have the respect to see that for many people belief in a big, invisible being that waved a magic wand to create the universe simply makes no sense?
        I have no anger issues with god. How can I be angry with a being I don’t believe in? That’s insane. That would be like me saying I’m angry at Santa Claus because I didn’t get any gifts from him last year.
        I have a huge amount of faith in myself. I have far, far more faith and confidence in myself since I got away from religion. I was a Christian for 30 years, and at no time during that period did it truly make sense to me. I KNEW deep down that something wasn’t right, that I was accepting what I’d been taught simply because it came from my parents, and I wouldn’t even allow myself to question anything. Why? Because it was a sin to question! Wow. That’s screwed up! That’s nothing but control. As a Christian, I was constantly overwhelmed with doubt and guilt. Then one day I realized it made no sense. None of it. And I cannot express how much happier I have been. I am an extremely happy, positive person these days, and I’d never go back to the depressing days of religion.
        If you need it and it makes you a better person, go for it. I respect your decision.

      • Merijo says:

        To Hope:

        Because this world is Hostile!!

      • Merijo says:

        To Hope:
        I would also venture to say that in those 30 years you were never truly saved and indeed was not a Christian at all..There is a peace within me that surpasses all understanding and I would not give that up for anything in this world so I can’t imagine what didn’t make sense unless you were being taught incorrectly, which my friend is certainly not your fault…Many false teachers teaching many of those who think they are Christians but who have indeed been deceived, Many will be shocked in the last days…My friend test the scriptures and seek sound doctrine…

    • Stephen says:

      You are so right. And it is sad. It’s actually sinful if you think about it isn’t it?

    • @esperanza:
      “None of it did. There are more irrational ideas, inconsistencies, and total impossibilities in it than any other book I’ve read.”
      I for this matter was raised in a Christian family, but never did I took the word of God seriously. To put it simply – Chrisianity for me was a tradition. I tried to analyze everything with the intellectual eyes and everything seemed irrational. I lived my life but I couldn’t run away from the love of God and he saved me. At this age of 25 I realize that these irrational ideas are still irrational for me but they seem very much rational when you start thinking in the way God want you to think. I believe God will make every irrational ideas lucid for us. God is not a monster but he is love, the problem was my eyes were scaled so that I didn’t realize it for the past 25 years.

    • Adam says:

      Your delusional.All you are is an atheist troll.admit it or not its true.You so called respect our belief yet you’ve posted NUMEROUS times disrespecting us.We don’t have to debate with you.you were given a chance and you don’t believe.Soooooo live your life and in the end god will turn his back on you just like you did him.I feel sorry for you and hopefully the rest of your family aren’t morons like you.

  7. Paul says:

    The house fire parable makes no sense?? God doesn’t condemn anyone to hell, its a choice everyone with free will can make?? Here is a parable for you, You teach your kids when they are young to make smart decisions, but they have free will when they get older to live how ever they want? Correct?? When your adult child makes a bad decision lets say drinking and driving and dies in a crash is it the parents condemning them to that fate? No, its not… It was the individual who chose to make that decision.. God made hell for the devil not us, but we can choose to go there if we want?? No matter what we want, there are consequences to our actions and you can not blame God for them… He has outlined a way to have a great life, its our choice if we follow it or not? When you parent a child you give them guidelines, you train them up because you don’t want to see them get hurt, “don’t touch the hot burner, it will burn you” That is love for your child isn’t it?? As far as all the murder and rape in the Bible, its also a history book and those things did happen just like they are happening in our time?? But God is not Killing anyone?? God raping?? Once again if you are referring to the flood, God warned everyone and made a way for them to escape didn’t he?? If you lived in a area that was going to flood and the sheriff department came and warned you to leave before hand and you refused and drowned, did the Sheriff murder you??

    • jepenceplus says:

      OK Paul let me alter the story a little. The car crashes due to drink driving the person is injured but survives. Does the parent punish that person for eternity for his actions. NO

      • Jenjen says:

        But do you know the price of our sin? I understand the analogy there, but you need to understand that our sin is worth spending eternity in hell to pay its price. That’s why God sent His Son, Jesus, to pay it all for; because we wouldn’t be able to pay it ourselves. Let’s say a serial killer’s signature killing is little toddlers, whom he boils alive. He’s already murdered 5 children in a matter of two days. Now, what sentence do you think he deserves? EXACTLY! Analogically, the same applies to us. Our sin (even something as small as a lying to your mom about your grades) is so ugly in the eyes of God; He so vehemently hates our sin that its price is worth spending eternity in hell. But He loves us so much that He created a way for us ALL to be saved. All we have to do is accept it.

  8. Jimmy Dean says:

    If you choose to except Jesus as your savior and believe He died on the cross and raised 3 days later to sit at the right hand of the Father, then and only then you will spend eternity in heaven according to Gods Word. Please keep in mind God has extended His mercy to all, His love to all, and gave us a way to escape what we really deserve, which is hell, He’s not sending anyone to hell, He gave us a way out, each one of us have to make our own choice where we want to spend eternity.

    • jepenceplus says:

      He is sending us to hell. See if you can follow this logic.

      God created hell.
      God created the tree in eden knowing in advance that Eve would eat the fruit
      God created the rules which determine who goes to hell
      Nothing happens outside Gods plan.
      So God sends us to hell unless we worship him and his son.

      Us sending ourselves to hell is like a mafia boss breaking someones leg because he didnt pay protection money.

      • Stephen says:

        Convoluted thinking runs ramped in the christian community it seems.
        Do you really believe what you just posted?

      • Calcat36 says:

        God created hell for the devil (Lucifer, the one who wanted equality with his Creator) and his angels. Matthew 25:41 states, “Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” Two points: first, there was no point in creating this place of punishment before the devil and his angels rebelled; and, second, it must have been created before the fall of Adam or else it would have been created for him and his descendants too.

        God tested the free will of His Creation of Adam and Eve, allowing them free choice to follow their Creator, or disobey. Satan tempted them to defy God, Just as he did to Jesus in the desert.

        God established rules to avoid punishment and ultimate suffering in hell. Your mommy had no rules for you to follow? And when you broke mommy’s rule, what did she do? Make you apologize? Who does your mommy think she is, God, for punishing you?

        Everything happens outside of God’s plan. The plan is to live within the Word of God. When you do not, you are operating outside God’s plan for you. The plan was for Jesus to be crucified, and Satan did all he could, including causing Pilate’s wife to have a dream to stop him from condemning a good man to death! While Judas is cursed among Christians, he is in Heaven with the Father because while he was free to NOT identify Jesus, he did, therefore he obeyed the prophesy of God for all of our sinning souls.

        God sends you to hell for not repenting of your evil ways.

        Grow up.

      • jerry T says:

        why so nasty when people disagree with you?

        Yes God has a plan and everything that occurs in the big picture is part of that plan. No, God did not create any hell, and angels of God have never rebelled. That concept is rather silly given that God could simply wink them into non-existance rather than deal with ‘rebellion’ of His supernatural creations. The story of Job proves that angels, even the Satan, are servants of God who do NOTHING without God’s express permission.

        As for comparing God’s rules to Mom’s rules, i’m quite certain that Mom never imposed any eternal and horrific suffering on her kids because although they often were good, they sometimes also broke the rules. Neither does God. As Proverbs reveals – the difference between the wicked and the righeous is that although both sin, the righteous keep striving to stay on the path of good behavior and the wicked wallow in their sinfulness. So those who do the striving are forgiven, just like Mom ultimately forgives her kids as well – even though they broke her rules!

        Isaiah helps us to understand that the “rules’ for forgiveness are to return to the path of learning and seeking and applying the ethics of the Old Testament to daily life. Isaiah 1. Isaiah tells us that those who follow those rules of striving and effort are forgiven (as white as snow).

      • Andrew Ma says:

        Conspiracies, He gave us free will, just like He did for Adam and Eve, He saved us by sending His son, and all who believe in Him(His son), will see heaven. You say God sends us to hell unless we worship *Him and His son, why don’t you? Why don’t you join us?

  9. Jimmy Dean says:

    Paul’s comment is spot on, I couldn’t have say it more clear, thanks Paul.

  10. jepenceplus says:

    Can Christians, particulaly Ray, please understand that I do not fear Hell as I dont believe it exists. So appeals to emotion dont work. If you really want to save my soul first you must prove that heaven and hell exist and not just state that Im going there.

    • Merijo says:

      It is the grace of God that saves and faith, believing what is unseen…If you truly want to know start by reading the scripture….John 3:16 is a good start then turn to Romans 3:23 then it wouldn’t hurt by reading some in all the gospels of the New Testament…Don’t Delay …. One of two things you can choose…You can remain ignorant and gain the world or you can lose the world and gain your soul….don’t lose your soul…trust in Jesus and He will save your soul

      • Stephen says:

        Read whatever you want but remember the so called New Testament was written somewhere between 60 and 125 years after Jesus died. Only the apostle Paul is believed to have still been alive and he would have been a very old man.
        The Hebrew Word (what the christians cleverly call the Old Testament in a way that tries to make it out of date) was written first hand and with many of the writings being first person experiences with GOD. He walked with these people. He sent his angels to walk with them and provided guidance and instructions for them.
        Now which has more of a possibility to be Gods word?

  11. Mohit says:

    Why bother to discuss when you already made a decision of not believing in God and embracing the world. The world is yours and you are a King. Live as you please dear. Follow your desires and achieve something in Life.

  12. Dexter says:

    Phillipians 2:10-11

    At the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    • Stephen says:

      It’s strange that christians only reference the new testament yet fear the old testament when supporting their claims. This does not mean you are not allowed your own views but it’s kinda funny that only christians will avoid the Hebrew Word (OT) and try to build a complete belief on less than half the worlds know Bible.

  13. D.Davis says:

    The words shoel and hades translated hell in the bible is the grave.The scriptures teach at one time only Father had immortality.The Father gave immortality his Son after he raised him for the dead.Immortality is a gift from God. Which is promised only to those faithful until end.Therefore, without immortality it is impossible for one to burn foreverAlso, there is not one scriptures in the bible that teaches man has an immortal soul.Every creature God made that is alive is a living soul according to the scriptures,whether man or beast.God said,the soul that sin shall die.Also the word translated forever in the scriptures means age long.The law covenant would still be in effect if the word translated forever did not mean age long.The bible teaches the wage of sin is death.The gift of God is eternal life.Adam was told he would die not burn forever.All in the grave will be ressurrected those that do not receive life will enter the second death. The bible also teaches the dead knows nothing.They are not in heaven the ressurection has not occurred.Jesus said, no man has ascended into heaven,John 3:13.The only person ressurrected from the death that has ascended into heaven is the Son of God. Acts 2:29 tell those that will believe God rather than man that King David is still in the grave.All that are in the grave will be resurrected when Christ returns at the last trumphet and not before,1Corinthiians,10:51-57.Fire in the bible pictures complete destruction at times.Those that enter the second death will come to a complete end.They will no long exist.

  14. Jason says:

    So in order to get to the Christian heaven, a Jew must start worshipping a dead man as God. No thanks, I will stick with worshipping the true God of all creation. The one who cannot be born, or killed. Messiah in Judaism is a unifying political figure, not a God to be worshipped.

    • Merijo says:


      Jesus, the son of God is not dead, He is alive and seated at the right hand of God..Jesus was and is the Messiah you longed for..He came to fulfill the law not to abolish the law…The Pharisee’s … Jewish leaders killed their own Messiah…but the amazing thing is … that was God plan…the God of all creation…”Our God”…sent his only begotten son to die in our place…the perfect lamb willingly went to the slaughter…so the God that you uphold is better than you even realize…by sending his son to take on the sins of the world and to die in our place…Don’t delay..Come to Christ today

    • Calcat36 says:

      So, do you keep the Jewish Law, you know Mitzvot D’Oraita: Commandments from the Torah? Or are you a hypocrite?

      Shimeon ben Kosiba, known as Bar Kokhba (son of a star), was a charismatic, brilliant, but brutal warlord. Rabbi Akiba, one of the greatest scholars in Jewish history, believed that Bar Kokhba was the mashiach. Bar Kokhba fought a war against the Roman Empire, catching the Tenth Legion by surprise and retaking Jerusalem. He resumed sacrifices at the site of the Temple and made plans to rebuild the Temple. He established a provisional government and began to issue coins in its name. This is what the Jewish people were looking for in a mashiach; Jesus clearly does not fit into this mold. Ultimately, however, the Roman Empire crushed his revolt and killed Bar Kokhba. After his death, all acknowledged that he was not the mashiach. The world after the messiah comes is often referred to in Jewish literature as Olam Ha-Ba (oh-LAHM hah-BAH), the World to Come. This term can cause some confusion, because it is also used to refer to a spiritual afterlife. In English, we commonly use the term “messianic age” to refer specifically to the time of the messiah.

      Olamhaba… That is funny right there! May be the dude in the White House be the one you have waited over 5000 years for! Yet he is allowing Iran to get the ultimate weapon to destroy Israel and the Jews. Time is running out for that politician of yours to arrive. Not even Netanyahu (a great warrior by the way) will be able to save Israel.

  15. Albhat says:

    Why the hell everyone is looking for a savior?
    Muslims believe that Muhammad PBUH will Recommend the sinners from them and will save them from the fire of hell.
    Christians believe that they will be rescued from the fire of hell because of the recommendation of Jesus PBUH.
    Jews: lol 😀 Forget it.




    • Stephen says:

      You talk about Lustful Pleasures? Let me ask this.
      When Adam longed for one like him, so that he too could be like the many animals he saw in the Garden of Eden and not be alone; God made him a helper, EVE.
      Now for who knows how many decades, centuries, millennium they were there together. The only two humans on the entire earth and in a beautiful place. Am I right so far?
      Do you really think Adam and EVE did not have a physical relationship? Really?
      I mean surely you jest! Yes they did and guess what, all that time they were banging each other, there were no children born (unless you know otherwise). So physical relationships are not bad according to GOD, mankind has made them bad. But a pure physical relationship that is loving, beautiful, fulfilling and caring was and remains A-ok with God as far as any reading of the Hebrew Word that I can find about Adam and Eve, so why would He not think the same thing about us? I understand there is a lot of abuse of sex in our world, but the truly good ones as described above could never offend God. He gave us these abilities to enjoy our lives. No one married Adam and Eve, not even God married them, He simply made a helper for Adam and asked them not to eat from the tree of wisdom and knowledge or from the tree of life. Two trees, not one tree, two. Look it up.

      • Ah…. Genesis four tells of the birth of Cain and Abel, Adam and Eve’s first children, while Genesis five gives Adam’s genealogy past that. Adam and Eve are listed as having three children, Cain, Abel and Seth, then “other sons and daughters”.

  16. He Who Must Be Named says:

    “It’s ok esperanza. You will just have to glorify God by burning in hell for eternity. Oh… and I agree with the article. The Jews will burn in hell for not believing in Jesus. It is as simple as that.” This is the most breathtaking arrogance and stupidity I have ever read; not only the narrow minded and encyclopedic ignorance required to hold such views but the implications as to the nature of the monster that is the Christian god is staggering.

  17. Jews need to learn love. Muslims need to actually figure out what their book says and learn love.For two thousand years the answer has been right in front of your eyes, and very few have figured it out. Read the New Testament and accept Jesus as Lord and savior of your life and get on the ball here on earth start with love and the two great commandments from Jesus/Yeshua for those that like Hebrew, and spread the Gospel which is your great commission, there is plenty of work to be done here.
    There is nothing like bringing someone to Jesus it will lighten your soul and you will feel a glow inside that you have never felt before. Learn to work with your new tool chest, the gifts of the Holy Spirit. That’s right my Jewish Brother the same Spirit of God that hovered over the earth when God created the world. Besides that by description is a second part of God. Why in your intelligence and wisdom, you can then see why there would be a third part, the part that would be pure from life to death, all for you. Kinda heavy right!!
    The Jew has 613 commandments that he must follow, but looked into and studied more than 80% of these don’t pertain to the normal individual, and by the two great commandments from Jesus those 20% and much, much more are covered under the two, investigate it.
    It’s really simple the 613 never pertained to salvation, only to living a holy life.Salvation was only obtained through shed blood. Now you will say that no man can die for another, think real hard about what God had asked Abraham to do.
    As far as as a messiah goes do you really think that a mere human could take care of all the problems that Israel has at the moment, and all the problems that will arise,PLEASE. It will take the supernatural to deal with that, and since you cant accept Jesus/Yeshua the third part of the solution, then the only supernatural left will the the anti-Christ and that will be your choice, he will fit the bill for everything the Jewish people have waited for for thousands of years, and you will fall for all of his lies. Just remember all of this was written thousands of years ago, so it is really your own fault in the end, isn’t it.
    My Jewish brothers re-think all of this and make the changes that are needed, and are necessary for the survival of your people and it’s land, the apple of Gods’ eye Israel. If you lead the way then the middle east might stand a chance in the years ahead, the not so far future.
    So go ahead and knock me out over this but remember that when a Christian leader prays for you and your country along with millions of Christians around the world we are praying to the one true God in the name of his son the messiah of Israel He listens and acts on these prayers because HE IS ALIVE, AND IS WATCHING EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE:

    • Stephen says:

      You are an odd ball for certain. Only God can and did give us the commandments. There are ten of them. The things you call 600 or commandments are teachings. Teachings that have developed over the millennium and nothing else. Only God can and did provide commandments and again, there were only 10. Look it up. Use your words with more precision and quit extrapolating from the Word.

    • Jerry T says:

      Jews on the whole have almost always been more loving than Christians. Yet you have the arrogance to lecture to them about love. Jews always understood Jesus’ teachings about love and the two greatest commands – indeed Jesus was preaching common Jewish ideas on that point.

      It’s Paul’s ideas about decent people who love God going to eternal suffering because they diserve it for not being perfect that they see as serious error.

      The Jewish Bible has no room for such concepts and in fact teaches the exact opposite — those who love God and strive after His ways of justice and ethics are forgiven their sins. Perfection is not required and sin is not forgiven by belief in the messiah.

      We all need to learn to be more loving. Christians have no leg up on anyone else in that department

  18. Come on, the so called Bible was a bad translated nonsense, believing in that is worse than believing in Santa. Also Hitler was a Catholic

    • Merijo says:

      Forgiven Them Father for they know not what they do…

    • Calcat36 says:

      Wrong on all 3 false accusations. While the English language Bible is not word for word, the problem is with the translations of particular WORDS, and not MEANINGS of the texts in full context.

      Santa was a real person. First, he was a Turkish Bishop, and then American Christianity held Saint Nicholas, a kinder person than you ever will be, as the current Santa Claus.

      As far as Hitler is concerned, your education simply fails you yet you BELIEVE that lie while trashing the Bible and Santa. Agenda driven much, indoctrinated one? Here, for your edification:
      There is no question that Hitler was a Nazi. Nazism was clearly his most important religious affiliation, not in the positive way the word “religion” is often defined, but in the general sense that any philosophy or belief system which is most important in a person’s life is that person’s “religion,” regardless of whether or not it is universally labelled as a “religion.” Hitler was also born into a Catholic family, but he REJECTED Catholicism and in most ways he REJECTED Christianity in general. On occasion we have read people claim that “Hitler was a Catholic” or “Hitler was a Christian” in a meaningful way, implying that Christianity or Catholicism was the primary impetus for his Nazi reign. Such claims are simply vitriolic attacks occasionally voiced by ideologically-inclined anti-Christian, anti-Semitic or pro-Nazi people. Historians agree that HITLER WAS POINTEDLY ANTI-CHRISTIAN! We are not aware of any published sources from acknowledged academic historians or writers that identify Adolf Hitler as significantly Catholic or Christian in his motivations as an adult. If anybody writes to us to point out such resources, we will be happy to cite them and refer to them here. One detailed publication that describes how Hitler was anti-Christian was written by Jewish writer Julie Seltzer Mandel, as described by Matt Kaufman (http://boundless.org/2001/regulars/kaufman/a0000541.html):

      You have the address now, professor. Straighten them out.

      • jerry T says:

        re Hitler – what is true of him is that his success in murdering so many innocent Jews was due in large part to more than a thousand years of anti-Jew teachings in the churches of Europe. Martin Luther for example was a visious Jew hater whose wirtings and efforts were responsible for mass murders and other oppressions. Most of the standard anti-Jew canards are in fact taken in some way from the stories of the new testament – i.e., that “the Jews” conspire behind the scenes for diabolical purposes of some sort; that “the Jews” somehow control the actual powers that be; that “the Jews” are less spritual and more “legal” and “hypocrtical” than others; that “the Jews” care more about money than others etc etc etc. All taken in twisted ways from the NT, and preached for thousands of years into the minds of the Christian community.

        Having said that – all praise is due to the Christian community today which has largely denounced any such useage of their bible. The Holocaust was a mirror for many that showed them the evil of such teachings and how it had infected their communities. The Catholic Church in particular is to be commended as well as other Christian sects that have agknowledged the horrible nature of such ideas

  19. Carina says:

    You Guys are stepping on dangerous grounds. Jugement is for God not for man. Jesus is the Son of God who died for all of us that if we choose Him we will be saved. Stop hammering each other and ask Him for your answers. Be very, very careful how you choose your words. Don’t condem each other send out blessings. When you want the right answer guys a relationship no matter how broken with God is the answer. Jesus did not die for people without sin He died for sinners. I pray that His mercy will follow you guys.

    • Merijo says:

      Carina, thank you…if we are not careful, we can begin to get caught up in senseless chatter and banter sometimes not realizing Satan is getting the victory. We must be very careful…It’s God who does the work and pursues…all we need to do is pray and love…

  20. Ted says:

    I mean “Jesus Christ”. What is all this drivel.

    • Stephen says:

      You misuse His name. Why?
      He is Jesus of Nazareth, from the House of David.
      To use Christ, you must say Jesus The Christ.
      Christ is not his last name, it means Anointed One
      So, try to follow tradition and facts:
      He is Jesus the Christ, not Jesus Christ or He is Jesus of Nazareth from the House of David.
      Shouldn’t be teaching falsehoods. I’m sure you meant it with respect but His name is not to be changed by we mere mortals. Call Him by His name correctly.

  21. Merijo says:

    Instead of mud slinging and getting all bent out of shape and rude with everyone ( those believers especially who want to replace love with fear, shame on you this is no the way to lead someone to Christ…Jesus loved the women at the well and gently lead her to the truth) there is really no need in arguing back and forth…sticking to the facts is best and, if by that, something moves you inside, then go and seek the facts for yourself…There is but only 1 true God, the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end…if you choose not to believe and to even go as far as calling love arrogance then one day every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord…Esperanza, this will happen to you one day..you and everyone you love or don’t love will be held accountable…there is nothing in this world that will ever fill the emptiness inside…even if you don’t realize it yet…God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow … it is us who change, who did change and who will always change but by His grace we are justified…It all happened in the Garden of Eden…I would start there and begin reading the Holy Bible…what have you got to lose…you already don’t care that you might be living an eternity in Hell….
    1. I am the way the truth and the life no man come to the father except thru me
    2. every knee will bow and every tongue confess Jesus is Lord
    3. for God so loved the world they he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life…
    God is holy and just…He cannot look upon sin…we (all people) were born into sin b/c of what Adam and Eve did…How they disobeyed God….just as a person steps forward in a court of law taking upon them the offense or crime you committed so is the son of God, Jesus Christ who was slain in order for you to be justified…pls don’t delay…read and by Gods grace you can be saved!!

  22. Reality check says:

    I laugh at some of these people who always “want to make GOD and themselves” equal.. Not quite.. Not even close. Your life is not your own- it is GOD’S to Own. This life is nothing- a joke. Life truly is like a vapor. Do the non believers or (so they say they are) TRULY think everyone is making it up who have experienced GOD/JESUS? Is everyone making it up about experiences? And if you do any research you will see there is Proof outside of the BIBLE for CHRIST’s existence.. Who are mere humans to question the desires of GOD?.. He is not your step brother.. HE is your CREATOR. Turn to JESUS CHRIST NOW!! This is done out of pure love and not hate in the least.. The ones who shrug and say nothing do it out of hate or certainly being apathetic. If you go to a good Church and Read the WORD of GOD I can promise you the HOLY SPIRIT will enter and guide you… I ask this for all in JESUS’ NAME.. Amen..

  23. LD Boldt says:

    I just wanted to add something that many people forget, or do not know: The purpose of prophecy in the Bible was to prove that the God of Israel is the one and only true God. God prophesied what would happen, and what He would do. Every one of His prophecies have come true, and some prophecies are even being fulfilled as I type. The purpose of prophecy is so God can reveal himself to all nations as the one and true God. Whoever does not believe in God, I encourage them to google “prophecies fulfilled from the Old Testament.” Also, google the fertile crescent, which is the area that scientists have proved we have all came from. The True God prophesied to all of mankind, starting from the fertile crescent. There is much proof that the God of Abraham is the true God.

    Everything in the universe cannot come from nothing, it had to come from the “Thing/One” which always was, is and will be. Everything came from “the existing one” who has always been. What created the big bang? Something had to come from something. Once you realize this, you can start talking to the “existing one,” or to the “truth.” Ask that truth to guide you to more truth. He will. “Seek and you shall find.” I have been an unbeliever for some moments in my life, but I always had a thirst to know the truth. I wouldn’t stop searching, even if it meant for the rest of my life.

    If there is a Hell, and the Bible is true, wouldn’t you want to be SURE of that fact? Atoms are extremely small and we can’t see them, yet we know they are there. What if the same was true about God? What if God was so big, that our universe is just a part of his pupil? Yet, we would never be able to see him because He is so large, and we cannot travel outside of our universe. Plus, we would never get to see the “Big picture” of God because we would never be able to move outside of Him to look at Him (like we do with the Earth). I don’t necessarily believe we are in His pupil, but I’m just trying to say that just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean its not there. Like the wind… we can’t see it, but we can feel it. If all of mankind was born without eyes, we would have no knowledge of “sight.” We wouldn’t even be able to comprehend what that means!! Same with the spirit world. We cannot see those things in the spirit world because we have no eyes to see that sort of stuff.

    As for all the “bad things” that happened in the Bible, these are examples of the world fallen in sin. God did not make these things happen nor does He condone these things. He allows them to happen to show people how desperately they need God. If anyone thinks that God condones “atrocities,” please let me know. Most of the Bible is written like history book. God did not directly write the Bible with his own hands like a diary, therefore God’s thoughts toward certain “atrocities” carried out by people are not specified. But the prophets talked to God, and God told them what He thought of those evil things they did. He did NOT condone them, and His anger towards the Israelites is made very clear throughout the Bible through His prophets.

    And as for not going to heaven unless people believe a specific thing, well, God is very gracious. God knows the heart. I don’t believe God will send anyone to Hell if they have not been offered the truth. It is only when people are handed the truth and REJECT it is when they are in trouble. They are in trouble when they give up and stop searching for the Truth, too. If you are not 100 percent convinced that God is real, or that Jesus is God, then I would keep searching for the Truth, and looking for evidence. Maybe you need to ask the existing one for the Truth. It is only when we seek, we shall find. When you ask the existing one, He will reveal Himself to you. Then you will realize you have been talking to Jesus the whole time. But He wants you to be fully convinced of this fact. It is good to question God, because that is the only way we can know for sure if there is one, and who He is. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you.

  24. bag says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >“Will all Jews will go
    to hell if they don’t accept Jesus as the Messiah?” | Ray Comfort’s Daily Evidence <Liked it!

  25. Calcat36 says:

    Attention Christians! Remember what is written. For your sake, do not add or subtract from it.
    “Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division.” Luke 12:51. There are SEVERAL passages in the Bible that compel us to judge, without being a HYPOCRITE. That judge not quote is the most misunderstood and misquoted by Christians and the lost souls that try to twist it.

    As far as the hostile and angry posts here, those people are acting out evil. Evil exists and has a root. As does Goodness. Evil came to be when a spirit known as Lucifer sought equality with his creator. When cast out, he established his own kingdom… Preaching to these angry commentors here will do no good, so follow what is written in the Bible. Besides their comments distract from the article and the message. THAT is their goal.

    2 Peter 2: 21 For it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they had known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.

    Matthew 10: 13 “If the house is worthy, give it your blessing of peace. But if it is not worthy, take back your blessing of peace. 14 “Whoever does not receive you, nor heed your words, as you go out of that house or that city, shake the dust off your feet. 15 “Truly I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for that city.

    As far as the article is concerned few people, especially Jews, do not know their history with regard to declarations of a messiah! Bar Kochba and Shabbetai Zevi were two declared and FALSE messiahs. Kochba led a revolt against Rome around 132-135 AD where Rabbi Akiva proclaimed Kochba to be the King Messiah. They, and thousands of other Jews were killed by Rome. Shabbetai Zevi was a self-proclaimed messiah and during the 17th century he established a Shabbatean movement until 1666 when the Sultan of Turkey had him arrested. The false messiah converted to islam instead of being KILLED by the religion of peace.

    God claimed the Jews as the chosen people to put them as an example to the Gentiles. Out of the chosen people, a Messiah was promised. In fact, the Bible identifies who the REAL Messiah would be:

    Messiah was to be born at Bethlehem: Micah 5:2 (Micah 5:1 in Hebrew Bible)
    Messiah would be from the tribe of Judah: Genesis 49:10
    Messiah would present himself by riding on an ass: Zechariah 9:9
    Messiah would be tortured to death: Psalm 22
    Messiah would arrive before the destruction of the Second Temple: Daniel 9:24-27
    Messiah’s life would match a particular description, including suffering, silence at his arrest and trial, death and burial in a rich man’s tomb, and resurrection: Isaiah 52:13-53:12

    Leave the angry nay sayers behind.

    • Evil and good are actions taken by people. If all evil is derived from Lucifer, then how are we ever truly responsible for our actions? Keep in mind that there are many ways to interpret the Bible- including as metaphor.

  26. jerry T says:

    Just saw this. Yes, the author repeats accurately the Christian theology. That doesn’t at all make it true. The “Old Testament” (i.e. – Jewish Bible) does not at all support this idea that the difference between an afterlife of heaven or eternal suffering could ever be based on what a person believes about the Messiah. In fact, it teaches opposite concepts.

    First, it disagrees that disbelief in a particular incarnation of a Messiah renders a person who loves Gd and strives to live an ethical/moral life in light of His teachings in the Jewish bible turns such striveing believers into something akin — as this author claims — to “rapists, thieves, and adulterors.” Instead, the bible teaches that such strivers are the “righteous” among us. As Proverbs say – no one is perfect, and what seperates the righteous from the wicked is the willingess of the righteous to keep striving on the path of God. It says: The righteous fall seven times and get back up, but the wicked live in wickedness (lack of striving). The biblical teaching from the “Old Testament” is that those who love God and strive to follow His ethics etc are indeed forgiven their occasional sins — they are considered “as white as snow” according to Isaiah

  27. jerry T says:

    Second – the same holy text disagrees that there is a place of eternal suffering anyway. It speaks only of the “grave” into which all will go upon death. It speaks of the wicked receiving this death, but the rigtheous being resurrected when the Messiah comes. So the punishemnt for the wicked is not being resurrected into eternal life in bodily form on this earth, and the reward to the good strivers is that they will be resurrected.

    the point being that a person who believes deeply in the Jewish Bible cannot accept some of the fundamental teachings of the New Testament. it’s not a “rejection” of Jesus, it is instead an embrace of God and the Jewish Bible.

  28. Stephen says:

    Well it never fails. Someone that believes in God and has read the ‘WORD’, (what christians call the ‘Old Testament’ (and has never been referred to by the Jews as such)) and instantly others think that if one is not a christian, they cannot enter into Gods graces and experience life everlasting with Him. I have no idea where this foolishness comes from but I wish someone could point me to some place in the ‘Word’ that does. The Jewish Word are the scriptures written down by the Jews while God lived among them from time to time and spoke to the leaders directly. Not by some apostle or so called chosen ones. Which I am not saying they were not chosen, I’m just saying God spoke to the Jews first hand.
    The Son of God is my Big Brother, Jesus. But I believe Him to be a real human, created and born just like all of us were. He’s my big brother, he came before me and he is the Son of God. I came after Him and I am a child of God, a male, therefore I am a son of God (not in any way shape or form equal to Jesus, yet a son of God nonetheless). God is my Heavenly father, I call Him DAD, with great respect. I call Jesus Big Brother, with great respect. The difference in many of you and I, is that I feel a part of Gods greatness and Jesus’ greatness. I don’t fear them. There is no reason to Fear Your Creator or His Son! You only have to be fearful of the bad/sinful things you do while on this earth. But to fear your heavenly father or His Son? Why on earth would a perfect being create us and then want us to be afraid of him. He wants us to be happy, exist together, do right, and come home to Him one day to live life everlasting. This goes for Jews and Gentiles (this is what Jesus called all people on earth when asked by the high priests about non-jews having a chance to go to heaven) so even Jesus didn’t have any connection to the christian church, it’s just a man made religion like all others are. The Jews are his chosen people, but Judaism is not something that God or Jesus created, it’s a man made term and nothing more. They don’t care about religions that are man made. They just want people to get along, live together and do good. Then they have a chance at life after death in His kingdom. You will not be a christian, jew, muslim, etc when you get to heaven, you’ll just return to God as a child of God an that’s it. There is no religion in heaven since there is no need for such.

  29. mugs says:

    wow, the gospel is not about hatred, or arguments…This stuff makes our Lord and Savior sad, Jesus is the only way, but love is the only way to show this to people….Show it by the way that you live and please don’t fight

  30. Sahco says:

    Why do christians use the word angel? There is no word in the old testament or new testament that means angel. The work we were told meant angel actually means ‘messenger’ . Why did man change this word?
    The word that christians believe means virgin actually means ‘young girl’. So there was never a virgin that God spoke to. There was a young girl God spoke to, if you even believe he did.
    European and western religions play up things that do not exist but they play them up to gain control over the everyday believer. It’s a control issue.

  31. Nicole Friedman says:

    I am an agnostic Jew and do not need to be saved because if hopefully if there is a God, I cannot fathom God being cruel. Jesus preached that actions trump rituals because being a good person is what matters most.

  32. Kurt says:

    Why does it seem, that everyone here that is what is called a Christian, only using the so called ‘New Testament’ to support their claims?
    The term New Testament was coined by the European church in a way to make the Jewish Word seem old and out dated by calling it the Old Testament and the writings that were assembled in @ 300 AD under the government/church, seem up to date. A political move we can see.
    The Word is in fact the oldest belief system (written down and complete) there is in what we call organized religion.
    Really kinda strange to me. Why not rely on the oldest scriptures first and then those that were written decades after Jesus the Christ died next?

  33. Tim McCauley says:

    No, you’re all going to hell unless you accept the God of the Phonecians: Baal.

  34. Gur Binyamin says:

    The good thing is that we, Jews, will not go to heaven or hell. We do not believe in either, so you can talk all you want. We believe in what is called “The World to Come” and for purification of the soul “Gehinnom.” So don’t worry, we won’t crowd your heaven, or your hell. You go your way, we go ours.

  35. Pingback: Hitler’s oven vs God’s oven | Logic vs God

  36. George says:

    Somebody said Jews regard Jesus as a prophet and that is false. It says in the Jewish Talmud that Jesus is in Hell. The Jewish Talmud also calls Jesus a bastard and a sorcerer.
    The Talmudic religion of the Jews today is a continuation of the religion of the Pharisees. It is an anti-Christian religion. Jews are anti-Christs.

    • jerry says:

      a) your statements about the Talmud are completely false. The Talmud nowhere even mentions Jesus of the New Testament. There is a reference to someone else named Jesus and even that is not what you say.

      b) lots of people try and use their religious ideas to justify their bigotry. Which is clearly what you have fallen into. “Jews are the anti-Christ” is about as bigoted and sinful a comment as one can even imagine. True atonement is your only hope George, but atonement requires self-awareness.

  37. remi4321 says:

    Fine, you say that anyone needs to believe in Jesus, but there is one reason why they rejected him in the first place. Deuteronomy 4. The Jewish father did not see Jesus at Mount Horeb, thus are forbidden to worship Jesus. Furthermore, numerous times G-d warned not to turn to the right or the left and not worship anything (any host or created thing) else than him. Because Jesus was a human, it is not right for any Jew, or non-jew for the matter of fact, to believe in a human-god.

    Now you claim that Jesus fulfilled 365 prophecies of the “old” testament. But to be able to use that as a proof, it needs to point only to Jesus (reasonably speaking). Please provide only one that only Jesus actually fulfilled!

    You claims that blood is needed for atonement. This is simply not true, many people including David (Psalm 51) and Daniel were forgiven without blood. Daniel was living in a time that the Temple was destroyed and never offered sacrifice offering (except when is was a kid). Also in Leviticus 4 or 5, there was a sin atonement without blood. Ezekiel 18 and many other passages are clear how can people be forgiven and no blood or Jesus is needed there.

    Finally the last words of G-d included in Malachi 4 “Remember the law of my servant Moses, the decrees and laws I gave him at Horeb for all Israel.”, he never said that he would remove or fulfil it in his righteous servant Jesus.

  38. Elizabeth says:

    Are you fucking kidding me? How on EARTH, in WHAT fucking dimension are we still talking about this?! Are you not embarrassed?

  39. Peter says:

    WRONG! John 4:9 & 4:25 don’t claim Jesus GENTILE = BAPTIZED CHRIST-ian as a jew! Jew is a religion – not a race like black is a race – Asian is a race – white is a race, etc. Jesus was BAPTIZED in the trinity. Jesus was immaculately conceived – he is not of this world! His mother Mary, was simply a surrogate and GOD almighty is NO jew! jews refuse Baptism, refuse the trinity, and as Jesus calls them in Revelation 2:9, 3:9 etc ” They are The Synagogue of Satan – children of the devil/liars from the beginning”! GOD revoked their land rights for the MURDER of his son. But Jesus knowing he was going to be murdered beat them at their own game offering eternal life for those who believe in him and his words+ so NO – NO jews will not be in Heaven UNLESS they repent and accept Jesus, essentially become CHRIST-ians! FOLKS – SEE: REAL JEW NEWS & Bro-Vids! See what the self serving arrogant greedy power mad & paranoid jews do – including their simulated copulation at the wailing wall, which is REALLY just the last remaining wall of The Roman FT. Antonia and has ZERO religious significance, but it’s all they have! GOD is not an oppressor – he gave man FREE WILL to make his own choices, but their will ALWAYS be consequences for poor decisions!+++ Bless all you bro. sisters in his HOLY name Jesus GENTILE = BAPTIZED CHRIST-ian!+++

  40. Peter says:

    Ohhh how the jew HATES being held accountable!!! WHY does it make you feel soooo uncomfortable – could it be SATAN is squirming inside you controlling you to be-little/mock/snicker/shame/blame, and ALWAYS play the victim – Oh woe is the jew when their baptism offered of water is rejected for a baptism of FIRE! Jesus blood was shed sealing his covenant to ALL those who follow him! You don’t call the shots jews – get in line WORMS!!!+++

  41. Jamie says:

    The reason Jews don’t believe in Christianity’s idea of a messiah is because it implies that Jews are going to die to do all the work for Christians. How in the world can a person who has died read the Tanakh for another person? This is a rhetorical question that suggests that there are 613 Commandments and obeying only 10 of them imperfectly doesn’t guarantee you that your soul will pass through Israel.

    • Jerry L. tanenbaum says:

      the reason Jews don’t believe n Christianity is because it is inconsistent with the teachings of the Jewish Bible. The differences go beyond issues about the Messiah. They include such fundamental things such as Jews don’t believe anyone “deserves” eternal suffering in a place of torment, let along that everyone deserves that fate. Jews don’t believe that Gd’s forgiveness comes from ritual sacrifices (animal or human/god/messiah) , and instead believe it is based on seeking to live better lives with their fellow humans. Jews believe that the Law is a helpmate to show us how to live better, not something given to us to “show us our sins”. And – more directly to your comment — I do think most all Jews would agree that its far better to practice 10 Commandments than 7, and far better to do 1 than none. it’s more of an optimistic supportive approach then it is worrying about any “guarantees”.

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