This is repentance.

The sinner is not only to forsake his thoughts, but also his way (actions). It is more than an intellectual acknowledgment that he has sinned. He must turn from those sins—he must confess and forsake them (see Prov. 28:13). In doing so, he will be abundantly pardoned. Repentance is not a “work,” as some would say. It is God-given to sinners, as is faith. See Acts 5:31; 11:18.

Isaiah 55:7 Let the wicked forsake his way, And the unrighteous man this thoughts; Let him return to the Lord, And He will have mercy on him; And to our God, For He will abundantly pardon.

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12 Responses to This is repentance.

  1. Rhonda says:

    We should refrain from using the word “pardon” in reference to the atonement of Christ. The word pardon has the following definitions below. It was from A. W. Pink (or it might have been Charles Leiter) in which it was stressed that the word pardon does not do justice! It means there was no penalty exacted, and we know that Christ’s took the penalty for our sins. The word pardon means that no debt had to be paid or was paid. And, we know that Christ paid our debt because without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins. The wages of sin is our death; this is a fact and cannot be altered. We are free and have eternal life because our debt (not a pardon) has been paid.
    : indulgence 1
    : the excusing of an offense without exacting a penalty
    a : a release from the legal penalties of an offense b : an official warrant of remission of penalty
    : excuse or forgiveness for a fault, offense, or discourtesy

  2. Steve says:

    Brother Ray, it seems like you are taking the position of sinless perfection before a lost sinner can be saved. You claim repentance isn’t a work but advocate that a lost sinner must first forsake thoughts and actions. You are contradicting yourself. The unregenerate can’t forsake sins when it is cursed in them. Even a believer still commits sin. 1 John 1:7-8.Look at the religious people who repent, feel ashamed, beg for mercy that they sin or done evil and confess only to be lost forever such as cultists. Even Judaism falls under that category. So why would Peter in Acts 2 tells the Jews to repent when they already had to the God of Israel? Even bring a sacrifice to the temple?Their change of heart would have to be validated by placing their faith in Christ Jesus. Their evil was the rejection of Christ and that judgement is upon them Acts 3:23. God needs the lost to repent, turn from sin and forsake them BY placing their faith in Jesus our Lord who can only forgive them. That is repentance Acts 26:18-20. Isaiah 1:18 One example, God reasons to the sinner which opens their eyes of understanding about their sin/s. One cannot come to God unless they believe that He is, Hebrews 11:6. The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, John 14 and that moment that they are, doesn’t mean they have forsaken , turn from sin yet. THEY have a decision to make, to believe on the Lord Jesus or not, John 3:36/ Acts 16:31. Only by the Holy Spirit can believers say, “Jesus is Lord”. At the judgement the lost will have that confession which after death comes the judgement… You advocate a “clean yourself up first” AND place ones faith in the Lord. Turning from wickedness is an act of doing so how can you say that it isn’t a “work”? Romans 10:9-13 change of heart= repentance. Christ took away my sin at the cross and now I/we won’t be judged by them=forsaking, turning from sin (1 John3:5,6). Sinless perfection is having our sins blotted out. YOU know that Ray, we are justified by His blood. But we still sin and have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous, 1 John2:1-2. I have passed out many of your tracts and have the Evidence Bible but am at a point that I won’t pass out those tracts by Living Waters. They have split our fellowship and caused division. JUST change the word “AND” to “BY” because that is repentance with live works. ME trying to forsake and turn from sin is dead works because I’m not regenerated. The Canadian tract is a no doubt A WORK ORIENTATED GOSPEL. ONE CAN NEVER 1ST FORSAKE SIN NOR TURN FROM, WRITE THEM ALL DOWN AND THEN RECEIVE CHRISTS FORGIVENESS. As soon as a sacrifice was given and blood shed through the law, another one was needed. We have a sin nature so the lost can never remove that nature by themselves. “The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul.” Conviction by the Spirit leads to conversion by God Himself. One would have to confess “I believe”…
    Nearly all the verses you use in the Old Testament deal with Israel for national repentance. Remember the law of curses that would be upon them if they didn’t follow the Lord? Look at your reference in Isaiah 55:7 in the above verse, “RETURN to the Lord”. Why? Because they LEFT Him.Their is also a call for other nations rid wickedness, so they won’t be judged. They are lost but don’t become judged from wickedness in this life. If they have “right living” He still blesses them regardless; Book of Amos, Job,even those nations in the wilderness who dealt with Moses and even Rome in the New Testament with the powers that be. Proverbs 28:13 isn’t a verse in hopes to gain salvation but that wicked one will obtain mercy and live–in this life such is Solomon.Before the law with it’s curses was faith like Abraham… Much more to say on this subject.
    Ray, please look this over. I’m always open to the Scripture. Looking forward to your reply.
    Steve from Roseville, CA

    • Anthony says:

      You are completely right. I wonder is Ray advocating cleaning one’s self up before becoming saved in Jesus? I wonder what they would say about the thief on the cross who never had a chance to clean up his act. All he did for repentance was to change his heart towards his sinful ways and Jesus cleaned him up and took him right away to Heaven.

  3. Daniel Rebecca says:

    rays plan of salvation is wrong. He tells unsaved people they must turn from their sin, forsake their sins and sin no more. Then believe the gospel. He does not understand the meaning of the word repent. In the original greek it means to change your mind. It does not mean to feel remorse for or to turn from. But even if it did, there is not one bible verse that says to be saved one must repent of their sins and believe the gospel. All bible verses that speak of how one is saved say to be saved or have eternal life you must believe in Jesus Christ. What our Lord did for us on the cross. Nothing can wash away our sins except the blood of Christ. My repentance can’t do it. Once I am saved, I will try not to sin. I will fight the good fight against my flesh, not to gain salvation, but because I am already saved.

    • Anthony says:

      That is not true. Peter’s first sermon they asked him what must we do to be saved? He said repent and be baptized.

      • Danny says:

        Peter said to repent, but he never said repent of your sins. He only said repent! As in change your mind as to who Jesus Christ is. You must use the word repent in it’s correct context.

  4. Anthony says:

    Ray I hope you are not advocating cleaning up your act before you become saved. Tell that to the theif on the cross who’s repentance only contained the changing of his heart towards sin and then Jesus cleaned him up and took him straight to Heaven. Repentance in the N.T. Has the same meaning as the word Shuva in the O. T. That means to TURN. TURNING FROM SIN DONT MEAN YOU DONT SIN ANYMORE. That would mean we have become perfect. Just read Romans ch. 7 Paul said wretched man that I am who shall save me from this body of death? Thanks be unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Our heart means to turn from sin. That is what repentance is, it is a heart change. A mind change. Not a complete physical one. For you know very well Ray a person, before they are saved in Christ, is a slave to sin, then at the moment of redemption they are set free, free from what?
    1. Obligation to the law for justification.
    2. From sin and death

    Be careful and not burden people with a yoke that even the Apostles themselves said they couldn’t bear.

  5. Anthony says:

    One last thing. In the O.T repentance was seen in a person’s life when they turned to the LORD. you say that repentance is stopping sinning. If a person is to do that before they trust in Jesus, when we witness to them and they accept Christ as Savior do they go home and stop sinning and then do they become saved or are they saved from the moment they place the faith in Jesus? You see repentance means a person has decided in their hearts, in their minds, that God is Whom they need to turn to and sin is what they need to turn from. Becoming perfect is the goal but one that is realized only in Jesus. You can’t tell me that since you have become born again in Jesus that you have never committed a sin since.

  6. Danny says:

    Obviously Ray does not understand the meaning of several things. He does not understand the meaning of the word repent. It means to change one’s mind, or regret. You must read that word in context of what is being repented of. Knowing that, there is no verse that tells us we must repent of sin to be saved. ray also does not understand grace, or believe, any many other words in the bible. ray is biblically illiterate. This is what happens when one does not have the Holy Spirit to guide the. Although ray is intelligent he cannot understand scripture. he is blind to it.

  7. Just Plain Bill says:

    A message of “turn from your sins” or “forsake your wicked ways” or “turn from your wicked way” is quite biblical (Isa 55, II Chron 7:14). It behooves us to remember that it is a “thus saith the LORD” message to those who are already his covenant people … “If MY people…” In evangelizing the lost, however, once a person owns himself to be the sinner that God’s word says he is, the only thing God requires of that person is faith (synonyms being belief, trust, receive.) This message is emphasized of over 100 New Testament verses/passages. Proverbs 28:13 is not achievable by sinners like myself, rotten from head to foot as Romans 3 describes. Ray, you demand the lost do that which you have never done as you have not forsaken all of your sins. You’d fit right in with the Jerusalem church in Acts 15.

  8. Steve Early says:

    You are just plain right, Bill.

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